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Belfast – Beauty meets Tradition

A city ramble or longer stay, Belfast guarantees the buzz and fizz of a lively capital city of Northern Ireland all the while being the door way to the delightful country sides of Northern Ireland.

Belfast, the largest city of Northern Ireland, is bordered by many impressive hills including Cavehill, which formed the background of the famous novel of Jonathan Swift, Gulliver’s Travels. Belfast was once famous for its flourishing shipping industry thanks to its strategic location near the mouth of River Lagan. It took credit for one of the largest shipyards in the world during that time, which rolled out majestic ships like The Titanic in 1912!

Sail Away, Sail Away-Antigua Sailing Week

by Arie Boris

The skipper turned our boat hard to port as a line of sleek hulled racing sails rapidly approached. Baring down, the ten racing sailboats careened past and all at once, as if choreographed, tacked into the wind around the race track marker. Brightly colored sails dipped closer to the waves, as eight to ten crew members sat on the opposite gunwales, legs tangling over the edge to prevent their mounts from capsizing.

Run with the Bulls at Pamplona…OR NOT!

Pamplona is one of the most prominent cites in the Navarra region of Spain. Aside from the being the capital of the region, the Pamplona is an interesting place to travel because of its stunning medieval center, beautiful citadel and renowned gastronomy. The city is also a major stop on the route of St. James or Camino de Santiago, and features a number of green parks. But perhaps, Pamplona is most famous for the San Fermin Festival which showcases “The Running of the Bulls.”

The Wet and Wild Songkran Festival – Thailand

elephantAn entire nation having a big water fight! This is one of the fun descriptions that the Songkran Festival has earned in recent years. Songkran is one of Thailand’s major festivals that has gained worldwide fame.

The festival is actually the Thai’s version of a New Year celebration, but it is celebrated later in the year, around the second or third week of April. This is because the dates for Songkran are originally based on Buddhist calendar and not the western one. Water is the prime element that rules the festival. According to tradition, the sprinkling of water is a symbol of good luck and respect to Buddha.

Cheese Beer Soup Recipe

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