Levuka, Fiji

Fiji’s Levuka was the first capital town of the island nation. Even though it is not the capital anymore, the town remains an economic hub and the biggest settlement in Fiji. Levuka earned a UNESCO World Heritage Site designation because it is an excellent example of a late 19th century ...

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Captivating Tunis and Its Medina


Tunis is Tunisia’s impressive capital and one of the country’s distinct coastal cities. Founded by the Berbers, the city has been under the control of various civilizations including the Romans, Phoenicians, Ottoman, Spanish, French and German. As a result, Tunis’ history and heritage feature an amazing mixture of ancient and ...

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Dominica: A Caribbean Standout


Known to many seasoned travelers as the Nature Island, Dominica is officially called the Commonwealth of Dominica. It lies midway along the Eastern Caribbean archipelago and should not be mistaken for its Caribbean neighbor, the Dominican Republic. Dominica is dominated by tropical rainforests, which makes up two third of the ...

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Swiss International Airlines

Swiss Airbus

by Arie Boris Noted for the majestic Swiss Alps, fine watches and delicious chocolates, Switzerland can add Swiss International Business Class to its list of quality products! We flew into Zurich from Venice with a relatively short connection time. Someone in our party had, in advance, requested wheelchair assistance. The ...

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Cycling the Indy Cultural Trail

Indianapolis cultural trail

One of the best ways to explore a city at a leisurely pace is cycling. And these days, Indianapolis boasts one of the biggest and most excellent urban cycling infrastructures in the United States. The Indy Cultural Trail stretches 8 miles of well-signed bicycle-friendly and walking trail. The path leads ...

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Easy & Juicy Smoked Turkey

Smoked Turkey

If you’ve never smoked a turkey or eaten one, you are in for a treat. The smoke adds a very subtle flavor and the brining keeps even the white meat juicy. Easy & Juicy Smoked Turkey Print Recipe Servings 15-20 people Servings 15-20 people Easy & Juicy Smoked Turkey Print ...

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