Conquering Atalaya Mountain in Santa Fe New Mexico


Over many years, Santa Fe, New Mexico has earned the reputation of being an outdoor sports playground as it has all the right features to be one of the best in America in this category. Its rugged landscape, beautiful scenery and mild weather urge people to leave their homes and ...

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Cool As A Cucumber Sandwich Recipe


Cool As A Cucumber Sandwich Recipe CourseAppetizer, Main Dish Cool As A Cucumber Sandwich Recipe CourseAppetizer, Main Dish Ingredients 2 tbsp fresh dill chopped 1 container of whipped cream cheese 1 large cucumber skinned and sliced cibatta or rye bread salt and pepper Servings: Instructions I start by putting the ...

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Harbour Island – Bahamas


Harbour Island may be small but it is packed with many attractions. Its subtle charms will quickly enthrall you until you are completely under its spell. Perhaps, Harbour Island is mostly known for its unbelievable stretch of pink sand beach. The sand here is actually made of very soft coral, ...

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Algarve – The Hidden Treasure of Portugal


Algarve is without question Portugal’s hidden treasure. Located at the southern end of the mainland, it is gifted with luxuriant natural beauty that bears a pleasurable experience like no other. With its splendid beaches and scenic landscape, Algarve is sure to invigorate your weary senses.

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Cherry & Panna Cotta Tart Recipe


Cherry & Panna Cotta Tart Recipe CourseDessert Cherry & Panna Cotta Tart Recipe CourseDessert Ingredients Dough 125 g wheat flour 60 g butter 50 g caster sugar 1 egg’s yolk Panna cotta 300 g yogurt 1 pkg. vanilla sugar 1.5 tsp gelatin 1 tsp lemon juice Cherry jelly 500 g ...

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Fort de France – Martinique


When traveling to the Caribbean, expect a stunning seascape, great dives, and attractive landscape. However, before you plunge into the rich underwater experience, chance upon a romantic beach escapade, or commune with the tranquil mountainside, delay in Martinique’s capital Fort-de-France and experience the unexpected in the Caribbean.

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