Palm Beach – Aruba

Palm Beach - Aruba

The Caribbean island of Aruba is known for its spectacular coastline, and Eagle Beach is most definitely its most famous sandy strip. This beach is frequently visited not only for its turquoise waters and white sand but also for its water sports. But if you are looking for a beach ...

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Puerto Escondido – The Beloved Mexican Port Town

Puerto Escondido

For years, the beautiful Pacific coast of Mexico has been enticing water-sports enthusiasts, beach bums and sun-loving tourists with its sandy shore, shimmering water and wide range of activities. One of the most beloved among these coastal towns is Puerto Escondido, which is situated in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. ...

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Hapuna Beach – Hawaii

Hapuna Beach - Hawaii

When you talk about Hawaii, one of the first things that will probably spring up to mind are gorgeous beaches. Indeed this American state is blessed with wide range of sandy stretches that draw millions of tourists every year.

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