The Flower Spectacle at Keukenhof Gardens – Netherlands

It’s the time of the year for floral enchantment – Spring! Gardens are always the best places to be come during spring season and at least once in your life, or every year if you can, visit Keukenhof.

Keukenhof Gardens - Netherlands

Keukenhof is considered to be the world’s most beautiful spring garden known for its multitudes of tulips and other bulbs. It is also the second largest garden of its kind in the world. This garden located in Lisse, Netherlands is expansive at 32 hectares. This whole space is carpeted and excellently landscaped with over seven million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths whose fragrance fills the air.

Walk through snaking pathways laced with patches of warm hues of red, orange, delicate peach, and golden yellow tulips; through lawns with patches of hyacinth of blue and violet hues-from the delicate lavender color to the deepest purple and cobalt blue. You will also find a river of white tulips or daffodils with the hottest of pink and yellow tulips fortifying the edges, and an area covered by blue tulips trimmed on the side by hybrids of red and yellow tulips and another layer of orange ones. Relax under a tree by a canal and get lost in the stunning black-purplish tulips whose monotony is cut by a burst of white ones!

If relaxing under a tree is not enough, the canal in the Amsterdam garden allows a magical view of the beautiful floral beds. Take a canoe and cruise through to get an exceptional perspective from the water. Although this is not the Selfie Garden just yet, it would be hard not to take tons of pictures of yourself here. The water, the canoe, the flowers – it’s perfect!

Keukenhof Gardens fountain

Certainly the lovers will find the romantic garden of most interest. Never mind the sculpture of a kissing couple right by a fountain. Bask, instead, in the charming colors of soft pink tulips. When you follow the flower beds and romantic path; you will find yourself charmed twice over by more flowers and a rustic summer cottage.

This year marks the 125th anniversary of Vincent Van Gogh’s death and Keukenhof pays tribute to the Netherland’s most celebrated artist through its Selfie garden where self-portraits of Van Gogh in tulips mosaic arrangement where creatively done. Aside from Van Gogh’s self-portraits you will also see some of his paintings recreated entirely through a tulips mosaic. As it is a Selfie garden, have a picture of yourself with Van Gogh in the background!

As Keukenhof used to be a garden supplying herbs for the kitchen of Jacqueline, Countess of Hainaut’s castle back in the day; fragrance and herbed scents are expected. To get a stronger whiff of such olfactory-inducing heaven, head to the Herb Garden.

Keukenhof Gardens - Netherlands

You cannot leave this garden so beautiful without the overwhelming desire to have one of your own, or to rearrange your flowers collections the Keukenhof way. For this, get inspiration from the Outlet Garden and Rob’s Inspiration Garden. The Outlet Garden provides great ideas on how you could use some accessories, vessels etc. to landscape your garden. As their motto says, creativity is key. Rob’s Inspiration Garden is named after Rob Verlinden, a famous Dutch gardener. This spot features his landscape with a pond in the middle and flowers in cubed arrangements.

Book a tour package as offers are plenty and priced reasonably. But you can always opt for a self-guided tour. Keukenhof is accessible by bus or by car. It’s also an easy trip from the airport. To make the most when inside the garden, take a bike around, and enjoy! Most importantly bring a camera of some form to capture the magnificent scenes.