Mamaia – A Beautiful Seaside Town of Romania

Located in narrow isthmus in between Lake Siutghiol and the Romanian Black Sea, Mamaia proves to the most popular seaside holiday destination in Romania. The lovely seaside town is widely known for its white sandy beach, probably the whitest one in all of Europe. Often compared to the Mexican vacation spot of Cancun, Mamaia’s summer season is relatively shorter.

Mamaia, Romania

Despite being small, Mamaia attracts thousands of domestic and international tourists. Thus, during the summer months, the area can be crowded. If you want to have a quieter time, visit during off-season as there are only a few full-time residents in town. Having said that, the best beach season is during mid-May through late September.

Situated north-east of Constanta City, Mamaia has all the ingredients to make it a one-stop holiday spot. Everything can be found here, aqua park, restaurants, shops and cafes. As the largest beach resort town on the Black Sea Coast, Mamaia is dotted by seafront hotels and resorts. You can find mid-range ones but there are also several 4 and 5 star hotels and resorts. These luxurious resorts are usually equipped with modern amenities like theatre, spa, mini golf courses, sports courses and swimming pools.

Mamaia, Romania

No one will get bored in Mamaia unless they want to. There are plenty of activities that will keep you preoccupied like fishing, boating, and swimming. Take up wind surfing, water skiing and sailing, and you will realize that an active lifestyle can continue even if you are vacationing in Mamaia.

Some of the main attractions include Aqua Magic, which features several pools and larges slides, and the nearby Ovidiu Island, which you can reach by taking a boat from the shore of Lake Siutghiol. Being in Mamaia can also be a great culinary experience. There are more than 20 restaurants to choose from. And they offer a wide range of regional and international dishes. If shopping for gifts and souvenirs is on your list, the place in Mamaia to accomplish the mission is La Cumparaturi.

Mamaia, Romania beach

At night, Mamaia turns into a wicked party scene, a dream come true for young travelers. Bars, taverns, pubs are plenty. The resort town is also home to some of the most exclusive clubs in the country. Partying in Mamaia means staying up until the break of dawn. For this reason, some travel websites actually think the town is not so ideal for families with small children.

Do you want to see Mamaia in a different yet amazing perspective? If the answer is a resounding yes, then grab the opportunity to ride the town’s cable car service (telegondola). You will have to overcome you fear of heights if you have one. At 50 meters from the ground and running a distance of 2 kilometers, the cable car ride promises to be an incredible experience.

You can reach Mamaia by renting and driving a car or take the public transport. The Constanta City Tour runs from the city’s main train station and stops at 7 tourists attractions including Mamaia barrels area. Romania’s Regional Autonomous Transport network (RATC) also operates regular routes that connect Constanta to the beautiful seaside town.