The Pleasant Resort Town of Marmaris, Turkey

The Turkish town, Marmaris, is one of the country’s premier resort towns, gifted with natural beauty and a vibrant atmosphere. Situated on the South coast, facing the Mediterranean, Marmaris is highly developed for tourism. It is equipped with extravagant hotels and resorts. In fact, the bed capacity for such types of accommodation is estimated to be over 60,000. Thus, it is highly probable that you will find lodging in the area that suits your standard and budget.

Marmaris, Turkey

The town is widely known of its fantastic nightlife scene. Along its coast stands a range of clubs, pubs, cafes, and bars to keep tourists awake and partying until the break of dawn. Many revelers visit Marmaris for its high tech clubs, which feature the newest tunes in dance music. Bar Street is definitely one of the areas where you can enjoy this type of club and also outdoor dance venues.

But Marmaris also has a subtle and family-friendly side. Its countryside features not only scenic landscapes, but is also rich in culture. Around this area, you will find charming villages, unspoiled beaches and ancient ruins. Within the city are two waterparks where you can bring the entire family. Water sports and activities at nearby beaches are also offered by various hotels and available through travel agencies. In addition, there are secluded coves around Marmaris that can easily be reached by traveling by land or by going by boat.

Marmaris, Turkey

If you are walking around the town center, it is hard to miss the castle, which is arguably that most important building in Marmaris. This impressive fortress was built in 1522 by the Ottomans, and replaced an older castle originally built by the Ionians. Today, the castle welcomes the public and also houses a museum and a lovey garden. The indoor sections maintains archaeological collections, which display interesting items excavated in the region throughout time. Examples of such pieces include coins, earthenware, and glassware.

Another captivating building built by the Ottoman is the Hafsa Sultan Kervansaray. This building was a caravanserai or travelers inn, founded in 1545. These days, the building’s small seven rooms act as souvenir and gift shops. Also located at the heart of town is the Historic Bazaar, which still functions as a marketplace. However, you should know it primarily caters to tourists as opposed to locals.

Marmaris, Turkey

If you want to see where the locals shop, don’t despair as it seems like every nook in Marmaris is occupied by a bazaar or market. When you head out to the neighboring small town of Icmeler you will discover a bustling street market packed with stalls. Other spots will have a market open only certain days of the week. Some of the famous products in Marmaris sold in these markets include spices, healing herbs, handmade rugs and pine honey.

The nearest regional airport to Marmaris is Dalaman, about 100 kilometers away. If you land on this airport, you can take a coach transfer or taxi services to Marmaris. The journey takes about 1 1/2 hours. Once you arrive in Marmaris, you can get around by taking the dolmus minibuses, which goes to the main road and other key spots like Icmeler.