The Amazing Coromandel – New Zealand

Blessed with native rainforests, attractive golden beaches and an incredible rural landscape, the Coromandel Peninsula is one of New Zealand’s most versatile holiday destinations.

The peninsula’s unspoiled natural beauty can easily draw in any visitor who longs for the company of Mother Nature. Coromandel is home to several attractions and activities. If you are seeking thrills and adventure, head out to the Sleeping God Canyon and descend 300 meters down to marvel at a majestic set of waterfalls. But if the thrill that you want is the kind that will pump your adrenaline like crazy, then opt to skydive in Whitianga!

Whitianga - New Zealand

Because the peninsula is huge, you have a great selection of towns and coastal areas to choose to stay in. The capital is suitably called Coromandel Town and is known for its long history. Here, you can dine on fresh seafood and enjoy attractions like the Driving Creek Railway. If you head out to the Southern Region, you will encounter scenic towns like Waihi, Paeroa and Thames. This region is also blessed with wonderful sites like the surfing paradise called Whangamata and the hot pools in Athenree and Miranda. The Karangahake Gorge is another highlight spot in Coromandel’s Southern Region. While here, you can go for train rides, discover relics and follow the trails that lead to old gold mines.

If you came to Coromandel to juts relax and rest your tired body, then spend time at the peninsula’s beaches. One particularly distinct stretch is called Hot Water Beach. This natural spa expels warm bubbling water to the delight of its visitors. While here, you can dig yourself a small hole with a rented shovel and once you dug deep enough, the hot water will emerge from the sand. By then, you can lower yourself to your small pool and have a relaxing bath.

Coromandel - New Zealand

Another famous sandy attraction that should not be missed is Cathedral Cove, which is an integral part of a protected marine reserve. Cathedral cove is situated within the Northeast region, known for its wineries, outdoor recreation opportunities and gorgeous beaches such as the lovely Hahei Beach.

As mentioned, the peninsula is covered with pristine forests, making it the perfect destination for hikers. One of the peninsula’s most popular trails is the Coromandel coastal walkway. There are also paths that are perfect for cycling excursions. One of them is the gorgeous Hauraki Rail Trail, which starts from the famous town of Paeroa that sits on the southernmost tip of the peninsula.

New Zealand beach

Coromandel has a great affinity to the arts, because of its hippy and artsy population who came in great number in the last century. You can easily see paintings and artwork of local artists when you visit cafes, wineries and restaurants. But if you want to visit an actual gallery, there are many to choose from. Some of the most prominent ones are the Little Gallery of Fine Arts in Tairua and Opoutere’s Topada Hill Studio.

Accommodation options in Coromandel are plenty enough that they can cater to a very wide range of preferences and budget. You can stay at a traditional hotel room or camp for the night at an established tent site to enjoy the view of the night sky. Coromandel Peninsula is conveniently an hour away from other major New Zealand destinations like Rotorua and Auckland.