Boa Vista, Cape Verde Islands

Boa Vista is one of the gorgeous islands of the Cape Verde archipelago off the Northwest coast of Africa. It is understandable one likely expects much of an island whose name literally means “beautiful view” and Boa Vista does live up to those expectations. The island, which overall covers a land area of 55 meters, features low mountain ranges, deserts and several white sandy beaches. This is the reason why the Boa Vista is often called the Island of Dunes and Beaches. Blessed with a warm sunny weather and excellent water conditions, Boa Vista is a certified vacation paradise.

Boa-VistaBoa Vista’s capital is called Sal Rei. Because the island has not been fully touched by massive commercial tourism, Sal Rei still exudes a sleep and relaxed vibe. While here, don’t forget to visit some charming attractions like the Church of Santa Isabel, which stands on a plaza of the same name. The Santa Isable plaza is a colorful and vibrant place decorated with blooming flowers and pavilions. This is a great place to look for carved wood items, colorful batiks (cloth) and other souvenir items to bring home. Sal Rei also has its own bays, and they usually have calmer waters.

One of the most prominent beaches in the area is the Praia do Estoril, a nice sandy beach that stretches one kilometer. The town’s Avenida dos Pescadores which is beautifully situated along the ocean, leads you to the old harbor quay and boatyard of the town.

Boa Vista boasts a number of nice beaches, and it may be difficult to choose just one to spend a day at. However, most travelers to the island never pass up the chance to visit Santa Monica Beach. With a length of 18 kilometers, this white powdery beach is one of the most beautiful in the world. The island has very few roads, so in order to explore it fully, go for a hiking or a 4 wheel drive adventure. If you would like to hike for a longer period of time, acquire the services of one of the tour companies on the island or plan your hike very carefully.

Venta-Club-HotelBoa Vista has established itself as a hub for water sports and outdoor activities. Some of the activities commonly enjoyed here are surfing, fishing, bird watching, kite surfing, and diving. Diving enthusiasts usually proceed to the diving club called Submarine Center in Estoril Beach to book diving and snorkeling tours or get lessons and courses. The strong Northeast trade wind blowing consistently on the island makes it one of the best spots for windsurfing in the region. If you would like to try this thrilling sport, make your way to Boa Vista Wind Club. The windsurfing season starts from the month of October through June.

Boa Vista’s location is ideal for a wide range of wildlife habitats. In fact, it is the world’s third biggest breeding site for loggerhead turtles. This is the reason why, turtle conservation efforts are the stronger here than any island in Cape Verde. It is possible to go for a turtle watching tour but you have to strictly follow rules so as not to disturb the turtles while their hatching and making nests on the sand. This ritual usually takes places late at night so plan accordingly.

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