Breathtaking Whitehaven Beach – Australia

Whitehaven Beach is the most recognized beach on Whitsundays Island, Australia. This nice stretch of powdery white sand measures seven kilometers long and Whitehaven’s white sand is almost unmatched because it is said to be mostly made of pure silica. The water, which graces the beach and is swept by the south eastern trade winds, is aquamarine, crystal clear and ideal for swimming. All these features make Whitehaven nothing short of spectacular, and are the reasons why it is often used in many tourism promotional campaigns for Australia.

Whitehaven-Beach1Whitehaven Beach is part of the tourist destination Whitsunday Islands, which is mainly composed of 74 islands situated off the coast of Queensland, Australia. On Whitsunday’s there are several major attractions including gorgeous beaches, but Whitehaven, in particular, is definitely a spot you do not want to miss. Whitehaven Beach is ranked consistently as one of best beaches in the world by travel authorities like Trip Advisor. Some of the facilities you can enjoy while on Whitehaven Beach include picnic and shaded areas and a viewing platform.

Aside from swimming and sunbathing; snorkeling around Whitehaven is always a treat because it is part of the Whitsunday Island National Park, widely known for its rich marine life. After enjoying the beauty and the space Whitehaven has to offer, hike your way to the popular lookout at Tongue Point, Whitsunday Island. Situated at the northernmost section of the beach, the lookout is protected by a tropical rainforest that is part of the Whitsunday Islands National Park.

All you need to experience this is make that short walk from the sand to the forest, and you will not regret the amazing lookout. Around this area also lies a beautiful cove called the Hill Inlet, where the tide famously creates movements on the sand and water to generate a burst of colors.

Whitehaven-BeachIf you take a chance and walk to the tip of the Hill Inlet, you will also find the spectacular yet the more secluded Betty’s Beach. You can do the lookout and Hill Inlet hike on your own or be part of a guided hiking tour led by a local Ngaro guide. The Ngaro people are the most familiar with the path’s history as they are the traditional owners of Whitsunday Islands.

The nearest international airport is housed at Hamilton Island. This airport regularly facilitates flights to and from Sydney and Brisbane. Another smaller airport that receives flights from Brisbane is the Whitsunday Coast Airport at Proserpine. There are a couple of ways to reach Whitehaven Beach from these airports. Tour companies operating in the region offer half day and full day excursions to the beach. These tour excursions involve ferry or sailboat cruises that often include barbecue picnic lunches, afternoon teas, beach games, snorkeling opportunities and coach transfers in their itinerary.

One popular cruise route is the one from Airlie Beach because it allows you to go across to the very picturesque national marine parks in the Whitsunday area. If you have the budget, consider a helicopter or seaplane island transfer that offers unparalleled magnificent aerial views. Staying overnight near Whitehaven Beach is not a problem as there are designated campsites on the national park grounds. You can also choose to camp at the southern end of the beach.

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