Cruising Antarctica with Seabourn Cruise Line

Antarctica – a majestic wild frontier, a kingdom of ice and snow and a menagerie of incredible wildlife, all accessible on your Seabourn Antarctic adventure!

Combine the grandeur of the Chilean Fjords, Andean peaks and abundant wildlife with scenic cruising and landings in the most unspoiled region on Earth.  Share the adventure with a team of expedition scientists, naturalists, and even digital photo coaches to help you capture the sights. There is nothing like it anywhere else and no better way to see it.

When you cruise with Seabourn, they promise you a voyage that is nothing short of magical.  Each cruise to Antarctica and Patagonia includes the following exclusive amenities and activities designed to enhance every moment.  Each cruise offers:

  • A complimentary Zodiac landing in Antarctica each day, conditions permitting
  • Digital photography workshops
  • Seabourn parka and backpack
  • Opportunities for frequent wildlife sightings from the ship and on shore
  • Guidance from Expedition Leader Robin West and a team of specialists
  • Inspiring Seabourn Conversations with special on board guest speakers


Seabourn has taken great care to ensure you explore Antarctica and Patagonia at the highest level of comfort.  Each cruise guest will receive a complimentary two-in-one parka to use during your voyage and to keep as a memento of your Antarctic experience, as well as a small, lightweight and water resistant backpack.

At the heart of your Antarctic adventure will be a complimentary daily Zodiac landing.  These rugged, stable little boats are like magic carpets that ferry you between the ship and the White Continent.  The experienced drivers are also avid naturalists, scientists, photographers and lecturers who accompany you ashore to enrich your experience in the crisp air, threading among towering, sculptural monuments of glowing blue ice, you will be more than simply transferred – you will be transported!

Seabourn’s specific landing sites and wildlife sightings depend on the goodwill of Mother Nature, and while they cannot yet bend her to their will, they will select from all the extraordinary options to give you the finest onshore encounters possible.

Seabourn’s ship has been specially outfitted with generous amenities to enhance every moment in Antarctica including exclusive “Caviar on the Ice” and other special deck events.  They offer an open air bouillon and hot chocolate bar and warm, freshly baked cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, waffles and pastries on deck.  Not to be forgotten are hot toddies, Tom and Jerry’s, hot buttered rum and other warm cocktails to take the chill off.  Dining is enhanced with warming Antarctic entrées added to all dining menus.  And of course, thicker extra-cozy blankets for relaxing outdoors.


Some of the highlights of your Antarctic and Patagonia trips will include Drakes Passage where all eyes will be watching flocks of fascinating seabirds flit, soar and swoop to survey your ship.  Noble albatrosses glide effortlessly just above the waves, and petrel squadrons shadow your ship and patter across the surface like ballerinas en pointe.

Your experience at Gerlache Strait, a deep scenic channel between the large islands of the Palmer Archipelago and the Peninsula will have you watching for feeding humpback whales.  Gentoo penguins are the most common species, but Adélie and Chinstrap penguins are likely too, depending on your landing sites.  To further delight you, pools of orcas are a common sighting in Antarctic waters as well.  These are just a small sampling of sights along the amazing itineraries.

The all-suite Seabourn ship offers Ultimate Antarctica and Patagonia itineraries from 21 days to 41 day Antarctica and Amazon exploration.  This is an adventure of a life time and must be experienced – in fact this should be a must do on your bucket list!

About Author:

Arie Boris has extensive travel industry experience, including business and sales development for commercial aviation, the International emergency assistance & travel insurance industry and a national association of travel agents. He was a contributing editor to several print and Internet travel publications, including Fieldings’ Worldwide Cruise Guide and was part of the start up team for CruiseCritic. He has written over 400 cruise ship reviews. Arie also produces and hosts Cruise Gourmet Voyages, a variety of fundraising & theme group cruises for various charitable and arts organizations. He has produced theme cruises for a variety of special interest groups including opera, comedy, spiritual retreats and fan clubs for TV shows like Dark Shadows and Dancing with the Stars!