Delightful Santa Teresa di Gallura, Sardinia

For decades, the island of Sardinia has delighted travelers with its natural beauty, charm and flair. Santa Teresa di Gallura is one of the resort villages that makes Italy’s Sardinia truly a world-class holiday destination. Santa Teresa is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches on the island and enjoys that comfortable Mediterranean weather. The town is located on the southeast section of Sardinia, on the Strait of Bonifacio.

Santa Teresa Beach

Santa Teresa di Gallura’s history takes backs to 4,000 BC, and a number of the buildings you will encounter in town were built as far back as the 16th century. Nightlife in this resort town promises to be a blast! The crowning attraction for Santa Teresa di Gallura’s famed nightlife is no other than the Estasi’s Disco, located just south of town. Estasi’s is not your normal discotheque as it is situated outside, giving its guests a full view of the shimmering ocean and a whole new party experience. Although it is open all throughout the year, this establishment is expectedly, very popular during summer, when there are more tourists enjoying the outdoor live bands and disc jockey’s spins.

During the day, walk around the town’s well-maintained central square called Piazza Vittorio Emanuele. This big open pedestrian space is adorned with shops, tour agencies, jewelry stores, bars and cafes. It is the perfect place to get some refreshments and watch people go about their day. If you are looking for more tourist information about Santa Teresa, the town’s official tourist information office is located on the upper terrace that overlooks Piazza Vittorio.

Santa Teresa di Gallura, Sardinia

Rena Bianca is the main town beach, which can be found on the west of a prominent headland, nearby the heart of town. Sitting on a small rocky bay, Rena Bianca is sandy and pretty. This beach is equipped with the usual basic facilities including shops that rent out loungers and parasols. Before proceeding to Rena Biana, take the time and walk towards the headland to get spectacular panoramas of the ocean, and the beaches on the coast. If you head out to the tip of the promontory, you will see the old watchtower called Torre Longonsardo. It is possible to climb to the top of the tower to get incredible views.

On the opposite side of the beach and the promontory lies the Santa Teresa Gallura’s harbor. This inlet is deep enough for ferries to pass through or dock on their way to Corsica. From here, you can arrange for a boat trip that brings visitors to the group of islands named La Maddalena. This archipelago is well-admired and often visited for its gorgeous beaches and dramatic landscape. Boat excursions to La Maddalena usually last for the entire day. Outfitters typically include lunch arrangements as part of the trip, which is an added bonus to an already satisfying day!


The Porto Quadro Beach is another impressive sandy stretch in the area. This beach features a unique mixture of golden sand and fine granite. Complementing the deep color of the sea are the lush vegetation that borders the entire beach. Porto Quadro’s water is known to be clear and refreshing, making it a perfect swimming beach.

The main gateway to Santa Teresa di Gallura is the city of Olbia, which conveniently maintains an international airport that facilitates regular flights from UK and other major European countries. From Olbia, you can make use of a reliable bus service to reach Santa Teresa.

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