Eat Your Way Through the Richmond Dumpling Trail

Fifteen restaurants. Dozens of dumplings. This is why Vancouverites wear yoga pants.

Tourism Richmond’s new Dumpling Trail is a welcome challenge for even the most dedicated dumpling lover. It also makes things easier for those excited about eating their way around the city. With over 400 Asian restaurants in Richmond, the Dumpling Trail nicely narrows things down, mapping out a self-guided walking tour of 15 restaurants with plenty of variety on the table.

The Dumpling Trail

Pace yourself, because the Dumpling Trail could expand both your culinary horizons and your waistline. One could start with the familiar: wonton soup or pan-fried Japanese gyoza. But with over 20 varieties of dumplings, you’re bound to find a new favorite. Xiao long bao (soup dumplings) at Su Hang Restaurant allow you to practice the art of nibbling the dumpling wrapper to release the hot soup into your spoon. The Cantonese ham sui gok (egg-sized croquettes) at Empire Seafood Restaurant and Parklane Chinese Restaurant tempt with their tender-crisp exterior and minced pork interior.

The trail goes on, with plans to add new stops and even more dumpling options in the future. Gather a group, because the more the merrier (and the more you can order). But even if you venture out alone, remember the golden rule: there’s always room to try something new.

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