Falkland Islands

Even the Iron Lady had to wage war to defend this slice of paradise. Today, enveloped on the Patagonian Shelf in the South Atlantic Ocean, the Falkland Islands remains a beautiful cove of wonder that never fails to stir the heart profoundly.

The vast open space will welcome you in the Falkland Islands. Roll in the seamless horizon, and fall in love with the magnificent white sand beaches. It is home to a rare bird of prey, the Johnny Rook. And if you are lucky, you will be near a sea with dolphins, porpoises and, who knows, maybe whales too. A visit to the Falkland Islands surely will be an adventure in a gorgeous setting. Away from the usual hustle and bustle of life in the metropolis, bask in the simple joys of Falklander life – off-roading across the sometimes boggy terrain, enjoying a “smoko” with friends, and gazing at the clear night sky in a natural planetarium.

Outdoor Adventures

Against a backdrop of verdant hills, discover the remnants of battlefields in a fantastic hiking adventure. Choose among three of Falklands highest peaks to scale: Mount Usborne, Mount Adam, and Mount Maria.

The Islands offers excellent fishing-holiday itineraries as well. The bounty of fish to catch in wild locations will definitely create a sensational rural experience. The Warrah River is known for the size and quality of its fish. The Chartres River, smaller than Warrah, is visited for its deep runs. The San Carlos River is an estuary that is good for fishing all-year round.

Surf Bay, a short drive from Stanley, is the place for the adventurous surfer. The consistent fast waves are amazing, and the dolphins playfully tag along. With more than 1,000 miles of rugged coastline, every surfer will find just the right amount of wave to fill his heart’s desire.


Culinary Magic

By mixing various cooking traditions, Falkland Islands cuisine has created a rich selection of traditional dishes. All sorts of beef lamb and sheep dishes are available in Stanley menus. This should come as no surprise given that the Falkland Islands is on the top list in the world when it comes to sheep breeding. The experience would not be perfect without a savory sampling of the local squid caught in deep waters, the seafood salads made more special because of the local herbs used, and the lovely sea trout served with steamed veggies. A traditional “smoko” refers to a coffee break that includes enjoying delightful home-made cakes and biscuits.

Culture and the Arts

From shipwreck artifacts to paintings of its maritime past, Britannia House is a fascinating museum for visitors to check out. Re-discover how Falklander’s live their lives back when farming was the mainstay of the economy. Learn about the war waged by the Iron Lady to defend this paradise, and how it forever shaped the character of the archipelago.

For those who wish to try their hand at woolen crafts, The Guild of Spinners is the right place for you. Wool is the main land-based export, and provides the foundation for many local textile crafts. Collecting stamps that depict Falkland Island life past and present should be a great souvenir from this awesome vacation.

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