Folegandros – Best Kept Secret of Greece

Small yet charming, the Greek island of Folegandros will put a smile on any traveler’s face. Sitting at the Aegean Sea between Sikonos and Milos Islands, Folegandros has been increasingly becoming a notable tourist destination. Despite its growing popularity, the island is an ideal place to relax and just enjoy the sun and sand. Covering an area of 32 square kilometers, Folegandros’ landscape is made up of scenic mountains, green fields, and stunning mountains. Adding to the captivating scenery are traditional Greek settlements with warm and friendly people.


As one of the Cycladic islands, Folegandros also features whitewashed buildings, clustered villages, cliff drops and azure waters. But it is not as frequently visited as other more prominent Greek destinations like Mykonos and Santorini. When you find your way to the island’s main villages, you will immediately notice and appreciate the walls and terraces that have stood on slopes for centuries. It would be almost a sin not to tour all over these settlements upon setting foot on this magnificent Greek island.

One of the most picturesque settlements on the island is Chora. It is the prime example of a Cycladic community. Chora exudes a romantic atmosphere with its three squares and trees that provide much needed shade. The village is divided into two sections, which are the Medieval and modern areas. In the Medieval section, you will find a spectacular landmark in the form of a Venetian castle perched on 200 meters above the ground.


After exploring the castle, take a leisure stroll around the cobblestone paths of the town. Nightlife in Chora is quite festive especially when you drop in one of the many taverns all around Chora. You can get a lovely view of the west coast and Chora when you walk on top of the hill to the church of Panagia.

If you like to spend more time on the beach, make your way to Angali beach, which is situated near a small settlement of the same name. Angali is considered to be one of the most gorgeous on the island. Other notable settlements that you should consider stopping by, include Karavostasis and Ano Meria.

Visitors to Folegandros usually arrive at the harbor of Karavostasis. Here, you will find a number of shops, restaurants, hotels and other types of accommodation that will allow you to rest comfortably in the night. Ano Meria is known for its scenic cultivated fields and “dry-placed” walls. It also houses the Folkloristic Museum, which welcomes visitors from 10 am to 6 pm. Regardless what settlement you choose to spend time in, take the opportunity to try the various traditional dishes that Folegandros has to offer.


Folegandros is full of beautiful pebbled beaches, which are still not obscured by mass tourism. You can easily enjoy a quiet spot to yourself. Some of notable beaches on the island include Latinaki, Vardia, Pountaki and Vitzenzou. If you want to experience camping by the shore, the beach of Livadi, offers this opportunity. Aside from enjoying the beach and crystal clear waters and exploring the simple villages on the island, one of the best ways to maximize your visit to Folegandros is to hike its remote trails that will lead you mesmerizing natural surprises.

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