The Glamorous Pampelonne Beach on the French Riviera

St. Tropez and the French Riviera region has always been viewed as the playground for the rich, the famous and the beautiful. These personalities, along with thousands of tourists, have developed a liking for St. Tropez’ sandy stretches. Once here, there are indeed many sandy stretches as well as resort towns to choose from, but the most glamourous has got to be the Pampelonne Beach.

Saint Tropez, French Riviera

Exuding natural beauty coupled with a very glamourous vibe, Pampelonne has gained the reputation as the place to see and be seen in the region since the 1950s. The beach has it all – great ambience, good food and excellent weather – to make a vacation truly relaxing and memorable. Although Pampelonne Beach has always been identified with St Tropez, it is technically separated from the chic town by a headland, and is therefore part of the neighboring township of Ramatuelle. But this physical separation did not stop the beach from getting the glitz and glamor that spilled over from St Tropez.

Stretching approximately 3 miles, Pampelonne Beach is divided into several different sections. That is why, the access points to the beach are varied. Some sections are considered very luxurious and expensive. These are where you can see visitors coming in luxury yachts to dine in top class restaurants. There are also sections that are classified as private, requiring a handsome fee to gain access. And finally, there are also areas that are designated as naturist, where sun worshippers can strip their clothes as well as stripping away their cares.

Saint Tropez, French Riviera

The waters of Pampelonne Beach are often clear and clean. At certain times of the year, strong winds hurled to the shore, bring with it waves and seaweed. Summer is understandably the busiest time on this beach. On certain days during this season, you will see about 30,000 people on the beach, so don’t come to Pampelonne expecting a tranquil and isolated environment. It is a vibrant beach with a party vacation vibe, with plenty of people-watching opportunities.

Aside from its narrow white sand, Pampelonne’s Beach also attracts tourists with offerings of trendy beach clubs, high-end shops and five-star restaurants. The best seats on the beach have got to be the ones outside, perched above the sand, to maximize the marvelous view of the French Riviera. After spending all day on the beach, the fun has just started. After the sun sets the chic clubs of Pampelonne will start opening their doors and welcome revelers who are eager to party all night long. Some of the popular ones to experience include Nikki Beach Clubs, Tahiti Beach Club and Club 55.

Saint Tropez, French Riviera

Despite the prominence and popularity of Pampelonne Beach, its shoreline is not marred with high-rises. It is devoid of seaside promenade or snack bars. Sand dunes rise behind the beach then slope down to a paved parking area. You need to walk inland further, pass the grass and bush to reach the commercial and residential zone.

Fortunately, if you don’t happen to own a helicopter or yacht, you can still reach Pampelonne but perhaps in a less stylish way. There is a free shuttle bus that runs from the center of St. Tropez to this beach, although, you need to check the schedule as this bus service does not run too frequently. Other transport alternatives include taking a taxi from the town center or renting a vehicle for the day.