Gorgeous Grace Bay

Shimmering and stunning, these are just some of the words to appropriately describe the Grace Bay of Turks and Caicos. It is every beach enthusiast’s dream come to life. Picture a powdery ivory white beach stretching 12 miles. The actual sight of it will surely take your breath away. If these are not enough descriptions to impress you; you should also know that Grace Bay has time and time again, been hailed as one of the world’s best beaches by respected media and travel authorities like National Geographic, Trip Advisor and CNN.

Grace-Bay-beachGorgeous Grace Bay is tucked in the north coast of Providenciales Island, also known as Provo. This island is one of the main inhabited areas in Turks and Caicos, and is a certified tourist hub. There are certainly more beautiful beaches on Provo, but Grace Bay Beach is the most famous beach in the entire country. The beach area starts near the island town of Leeward and its powdery white sand stretches out to Thompson Cove. Grace Bay’s status as a luxurious world-class Caribbean destination is solidified by the presence of top beach front resorts along its shore. Some of the most notable resorts that can be found in the area include the posh Alexandra Resort and Spa and the Grace Bay Club.

There are many activities that can be enjoyed during your vacation at Grace Bay. You can swim, walk around, shop or try your luck at a nearby casino. Grace Bay Beach is part of the protected area called Princess Alexandra National Park. Thus, only quiet and eco-friendly water sports like sailing, kayaking, banana boating, and paddle-boarding are allowed near the beach’s shore.

Snorkeling is one the highly recommended activities to do while in Grace Bay. The two top snorkeling spots that you should definitely check out are Bight Reef and Smith’s Reef. Grace Bay is surrounded by the third-largest barrier reef in the world, and is in close proximity to a 2134-metre deep wall. This makes it an excellent jumping point for scuba diving expeditions. But even if you lounge around the sand and admire the beach and its clear crystal blue waters for the entire day, you won’t feel time is wasted. It is an ideal spot to relax and spend some time rejuvenating your mind and body.

Grace-Bay-Club-Turks-and-CaicosDuring sunset, the beach reveals a different set of colors and another perspective of its beauty. And you do not have to do much to capture the moment. Just sit back under a coconut palm, sip your favorite drink and watch as the day beautifully transitions into evening at Grace Bay. You don’t have to leave the beach to enjoy a sumptuous meal. Along the beach, there are restaurant tables lit up by kerosene lanterns or torches at night. While eating your chosen dish, the waves of the sea will serenade you. The island of Providenciales has an airport which facilitates regular flights from major U.S. cities like Miami and New York. Yacht owners can also choose to dock at the marinas on the island.

If you have been to the more well-known beach destinations in the Caribbean or Hawaii, a trip to Grace Bay is going to be a new yet very pleasant surprise.

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