Hong Kong Space Museum – Where Learning is Fun

The Hong Kong Space Museum, located at 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, is easy to recognize. The rather unusual egg-shaped white building is a famous landmark on the waterfront that is hard to miss. It is a solid block of pure genius. The facade itself is enough to let you know that in the Hong Kong Space Museum, fun and learning is serious business.

Hong-Kong-Space-MuseumIf you are taking the very efficient MTR, go to East Tsim Sha Tsui Station Exit J, and walk about ten minutes to the museum. Wannabe space explorers and closet geeks will love the action here. In this dome, you’ll find the toys for the big boys. Construction of Hong Kong Space Museum began in 1977 and was completed in 1980, covering an area of 8,000 square meters. Visitors from all over the world come here to be surprised. They leave more than just satisfied.

The popular planetarium is made up of the Stanley Ho Space Theatre, the Hall of Space Science, and the Hall of Astronomy.

The Stanley Ho Space Theatre, the first in the world to possess a fully automated control system, produces two multimedia planetarium shows annually with a projection system that can create more than eight thousand stars. It is totally amazing! On top of this, it also presents OMNIMAX screenings. The experience is nothing you’ve felt before. Sit comfortably on the velvet red cushion, and right before your very eyes, behold the grandeur of a 360-degree panorama of featured films notable for their unsurpassed size, clarity and impact. Forty-minute to hour-long shows are presented several times daily. Films are mostly narrated in Cantonese, but seats are installed with multi-language and interactive systems to accommodate people of different nationalities.

Hong-Kong-Space-Museum1The Hall of Space Science traces the human journey into space. Explore exhibits on ancient astronomical history, science fiction and early rockets. From manned space flights to the future space programs, this area will leave you speechless. Once upon a time man dreamt of setting foot on the moon. His perseverance turned this dream into reality. Today the interactive rides and exhibits are compelling proofs of the power of determination.

The Hall of Astronomy presents information on the solar system, solar science, the stars, and the universe. Here you’ll realize how vast this world is. In the labyrinth of wonder, try to discover the mysteries of our existence. The museum has a dated feel, but kids and even adults should have a blast with the virtual paraglider and “moon-walking”. There is also a mockup of the nose and cockpit section of the Space Shuttle orbiter.

The Museum organizes plenty of extension activities each year, including Astronomy Carnival, Astronomy Happy Hours, fun science lab sessions, astronomy competitions, lectures and astronomy film shows. Check out www.lcsd.gov.hk to find information related to stargazing, basic astronomy, astronomical news and educational resources.

Before you hop on the next destination, make sure to drop by the museum shop for dehydrated “astronaut” ice cream that comes in three surprise flavors. Located near the Star Ferry Pier, the Hong Kong Space Museum is adjacent to other landmarks like the Clock Tower from the old Kowloon-Canton Railway station, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, and the Hong Kong Museum of Art. If you have the time, check out those awesome places, too.

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