Kiritimati – Christmas Island in Kiribati

Also known as Kiritimati, Christmas Island in Kiribati (should not be confused with the Australian territory also named Christmas Island), is considered to be the world’s largest atoll. Kiribati is an island nation found in the central Pacific Ocean and it consists of about 32 atolls, Christmas Island being the largest and in fact, occupies most of Kiribati’s total land area. Because it is in Micronesia, the Christmas Island then has quite predictably nature’s gifts of pristine beaches, breathtaking lagoons, and amazing underwater scenery.

There are quite a number of things that will keep you happy and busy while on your much coveted Micronesian holiday on Christmas Island. Because it is a protected wildlife area, it is ideal for bird watching, game fishing, snorkeling or diving. You can head to the idyllic Christmas Island National Park for a chance to encounter some of the rarest and endangered bird species. The most important and the most popular of these bird species are the Christmas Island frigate birds and the Abetos.

The park also hosts some 80,000 seabird species that nest here. As this is a nature park there are other animal and even plant species like orchids and ferns that will fascinate you. Christmas Island is extremely popular to tourists for the millions of red crabs that blanket the shore during their migration. This is perhaps one of those real wonders of nature in motion, and such an experience is really one of a kind, which will leave you with wonderful memories of your visit here.

The immaculate beaches of the island are perfect relaxation spots. In total, there are three premier yet secluded beaches namely Lily, Ethel and Dolly. On these beaches, you can laze around on a hammock; walk and feel the sensation of the white powdery sand under your feet, or simply watch mother nature’s offerings. If you’re lucky, you may be able to catch a sight of sea turtles which, like you, are relaxing by the shore along with other animals endemic in the island.

For those who thirst for something more, diving and snorkeling are highly recommended. Snorkeling areas are aplenty. All you have to do is put on your goggles and find a rocky pool if the shallow sea is a less attractive option. Diving around Christmas Island’s reefs is a truly amazing experience. You will be fascinated by the exotic sea species as well as very rare varieties, and you will witness the magical explosion of colors under the pure water when it’s lit by the sun. The two most prominent dive sites because of their wide range of marine life are Cook Island and Paris channels.

If it’s a bit of a challenge or some competition that is driving you, embark on a game fishing expedition. The island is also quite popular for this sport. Whether you’re a beginner or a serious angler, you will have no problem finding a yacht or a charter boat for hire to take you to the sea area where big fish like the different tuna species, barracuda, trevally, wahoo, sharks, and a lot more are waiting to be hooked.

Christmas Island is as spectacular as everyone who has made the visit say. It is amazing in photographs, but even better when experienced up close and personal and more than worth the long journey.

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