La Pergola Restaurant in Rome

By now you may have already seen the archaeological and art treasures of Rome, the capital of the Italian Republic. You likely have been in the Vatican Museums. En route, you must have likely stopped by a corner to take a picture of the Trevi Fountain, an aqueduct built in the 1700s. The old churches reminded you of age, decay, and to some extent, even the enduring power of faith. Porta Portese, the biggest of Rome’s markets, is where you must have purchased this old set of stamps. Life is good here, but it wouldn’t be perfect without indulging yourself at the La Pergola.


Your vacation should definitely draw to a close at a restaurant called La Pergola. Under the direction of the celebrated German Chef Heinz Beck, even the most sophisticated Roman taste buds couldn’t help returning for more. La Pergola is the only 3 Michelin star restaurant in the city of Rome. You must experience for yourself the restaurant’s dazzling menu that offers not just exquisite dishes but also a wine list that comes from a cellar with a collection of over 53,000 world-class bottles, a water list (you read it right!) featuring 29 choices, authentic Italian oil and balsamic vinegar from the best local producers and the finest Mediterranean-sourced produce.

To avoid disappointment at this highly sought-after location, reservations are required well in advance. Opening hours is from 7:30 P.M. to 11:30 P.M. every Tuesday to Saturday. La Pergola has treated guests and visitors of Rome Cavalieri, a luxury hotel in the heart of Rome’s most prestigious address, to delightful colors, flavors and aromas. Though only minutes from the city’s crowded tourist spots, this elegant cocktail bar is an oasis of serenity.


Arrive early and enjoy the view inside and out. You can expect beautifully set tables, vermeil plates and cutlery. The walls are decorated with charming art paintings. The visual feast includes an 18th century bronze candelabra, a rare Aubusson tapestry, Sèvres porcelain, and a wonderful collection of hand-blown glass by Emile Gallé. The service is superb! Even the staff has been compared to a Viennese orchestra given the way they operate. But nothing could compare to the panoramic view spread beneath you. The commanding view of the city is breathtaking. And while you gaze at the Dome of St Peter’s, a soft Italian breeze flutters to remind you that dinner is served.

La Pergola’s cuisine has balance and grace. You’d be surprised at the combinations Chef Heinz prepared for you: a filet of sea bass with olive oil in an avocado crust served with a green tomato sauce, or spaghetti with cuttlefish in olive oil, cherry tomatoes, and a parsley sauce. The lobster is beautifully poached, and the array of sauces will introduce you to the height of epicurean culture. Potato gnocchi, the restaurant’s masterpiece, comes with caviar and chives. And finally, the sweet and extravagant dessert comes your way, tucked away in small drawers that look like serving cabinets. This part of the dinner is an event in its own right.


La Pergola is undoubtedly the best way to end your vacation, so remember make that early reservation to enjoy one of the best restaurants in all of Italy.

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