Lake Eyasi and the Wahadzabe Tribe

Lake Eyasi is one of the most picturesque lakes you can find in Tanzania. Located at the base of a rift valley south of the Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, Lake Eyasi is a popular stopover to safari trips and excursions. Most visitors who come to the area also takes the opportunity to visit the Wahadzabe tribe. Also called the bushman tribe, this small community are known for being skilled hunters in the lakeside forest region.

Lake Eyasi - Tanzania

The lake stretches for about 50 kilometers to the south-west, and its surrounding area is populated by onion fields. In fact, most of the onions in Tanzania are grown here. Thus, the lush surroundings of Lake Eyasi provides a nice contrast to some of the country’s nearby barren landscape.

Though it is not a main game destination, Lake Eyasi offers something special for its guests. This region is known for its wild and scenic environment. It is home to other wildlife like leopard, monkeys, and hippos. It is also an excellent place for bird watching as various birds like pelicans, storks and flamingos frequent the lake area. In addition, a couple of indigenous tribes have inhabited the Lake Eyasi region for centuries, maintaining their culture and way of life.

Eyasi is a great place to relax and enjoy the serene atmosphere. Outfitters usually offer hiking excursions from the Ngorongoro Highlands all the way to the lake shore. There are a number of lovely private campsites situated in the forested area by the lake. Some of the amenities offered by these campsites include tent spaces, toilet and shower facilities.

Wahadzabe Tribe

If you are interested in having a meaningful experience with the Wahadza, consider booking an extraordinary tour with the camps in the area. Rustic camping sites like the Tindiga Camp has good connections with the indigenous tribe that they can arrange for you to hunt with the men or gather with the women in the tribe. To be in the company of the Wahadzabe people is actually a very special experience as there are only a few of their population left in the world today.

During your tour to the Bushman village, your local guide will explain the tribe’s daily lifestyle. The men will show you their hunting skills and techniques. For instance, they usually hunt large animals using poisoned arrows. On this tour, you may even have the chance to do some target practice with a bow and arrows.


The Wahadzabe tribe lives in trees and bushes during dry season, and inhabit caves during rainy season. Aside from animals, they also eat honey and fruits. Men and women do their socializing separately. The women tend to wear jewelry made of porcupine quills, fur and hide. It is possible to bring home some souvenirs from your tribal such as jewelry and arrows. You may purchase these items from the villagers using the local currency or trading other modern items.

The town of Arusha is a known gateway to Lake Eyasi, which is about 90 miles from the city. It takes about five hours to drive to the lake through the rough and bumpy Karatu road. This road is the same one that leads you to the Highlands and Ngorongoro Crater.