Maremma National Park

If you are dreaming of the perfect hiking adventure in Europe, then dust off those hiking shoes, and make your way to Maremma National Park. This national park is one of the best hiking destinations in the Italian region of Tuscany. Maremma is a nature lovers dream come true. It is a well-protected wildlife area that includes thick forests and a gorgeous coast.

Because of its massive land territory, you are given plenty of choices when it comes to walking and hiking paths. The most amazing routes are those that run along the coast. The panorama offered here is just breathtaking, and features not only the sea, but the mountains in the distance, the Monte Argentario peninsula and the offshore isles of Elba, Giglio and Montecristo.

Maremma National Park

The walking paths around Maremma are not only well-maintained, there are also well-marked. Thus, you will not easily get lost while following them. While hiking the park, expect to see a wide range of animals like horses, wild boar, foxes and even the Maremma cows. You will also encounter well known selection of Mediterranean trees and plants like pinewoods, aromatic herbs and even centuries-old olive groves.

At Maremma National Park, there are about 14 walking and trekking routes to choose from. They are of varying difficulty, so you can choose one that is appropriate for you fitness level. One of the easiest trails is called Hike A2 – Le Torri. This can be done by families with small kids. Even though, it is quite convenient, like any other trail in the area, Le Torri offers spectacular scenery.


The park has two offices, which are in Alberese and Talamone. Each office has varied walking options. Here, you can pay for your entry tickets, which are priced from 4€ to 9€ per individual. Park tickets usually include bus services offered within the park. These park offices are conveniently located near shops and bars, where you can buy snacks and water. Keep your food in a safe place because there are some tame foxes in the area that are used to swiping visitor’s food. After a long and rewarding hike, why not cool off at the park’s beaches. After all, the Maremma National Park is home to some of the most gorgeous and unspoiled coastlines in the region.

Maremma Park

The bus service picks up hikers from a designated stop area in the park. The last bus leaves at 4 pm, so make sure to be at the stop before this time to avoid being stranded. During summer, the bus also brings passengers to the beach from Alberese. The best time to hike in the park is during the months of October to May, when the temperature is at its most comfortable. You can also do walks during summer, but you may have to battle with extreme heat.

Maremma National Park is not only a conducive place for hikers. You also have the choice to rent a bicycle in Alberese, and cycle your way to the park’s well-preserved paths, including ones that lead to the beach. The day rental for a bicycle is about 8 euros. Aside from hiking, and cycling, horseback riding and canoe excursions can also booked at the park office.

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