Market Square, St George, Grenada

St. George is the proud capital of the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada. It is often described as one of the prettiest harbor towns in the region. It offers lots of charm and enough attractions to convince you to explore it for a couple of days before heading out to the island’s remote seaside villages and rainforests.

Among the main attractions near town is the gorgeous Grand Anse Beach, where most visitors to the island flock to experience a coveted Caribbean beach vacation. But if you want to take a break from the turquoise water of the coast, tour around St. George on foot, and your knowledge of the history and cultural ways of the island will surely be pleasantly increased.

market square

The island of Grenada has garnered a reputation for being the “Spice Island”. In this paradise the aroma of cocoa, vanilla, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg dominates the air. And if you want to see these spices up close in an incredible atmosphere, then the place to visit in St. George is Market Square.

Situated at Young Street, Market Square is the commercial center of the capital and the island itself. It is quite ironic to know that this is same public square that was used for trading slaves and public executions back in time. These days, farmers and spice vendors from all over Grenada freely come to the square to sell their beloved produce to the delight of the locals and tourists.

When visiting Grenada, take the opportunity to examine the various spices and herbs that made the island famous. There are also many other items that may catch your eye so a visit makes for a fun experience! For instance, it is in Market Square where you will encounter colorful tropical fruits and vegetables that are hard to find elsewhere. This is also an ideal place to find handmade crafts and souvenirs items.


The colors are just bursting at Market Square; and the atmosphere here is generally vibrant. Business is as usual at this open-air commercial complex during the weekdays, but it is on Saturdays when the ambience becomes even more bustling. On this day, there are more rickety tables laden with fresh produce and spices; more vendors setting up and more people coming in! If you decide to come to the market on a Saturday, get ready for the noisy crowd. You will most likely discover strange things sold here other than the usual spices and produce. And all day long, vendors will readily shout and stretch out their arms to offer their products to anyone who passes by!

If you get hungry while walking around, popular local snacks are just waiting to be had! Try out sugar apples, french cashews and those small fat bananas. You will soon discover that some things are definitely not what they are called, for example Golden apples, which are not apples and not even golden. Unfortunately, Market Square can also be quite troublesome or even hazardous for wheelchairs or walkers. The ground is uneven and so you need to be extra careful and watch your step.


Market Square is certainly not the relaxing and tranquil Caribbean spot you may have envisioned. However, coming here and absorbing all the sights, sounds and smells, is the ultimate cultural experience. Don’t forget to bring your camera to snap some memorable scenes, but remember to be polite and ask permission if you want to photograph locals. Both small US dollar and local currency ($EC) are accepted at Market Square.