The Marvelous Rim Walk at Kings Canyon – Australia

Ready for a hiking adventure in the land down under? Make your way to Australia’s Northern Territory, specifically to Kings Canyon Rim for an amazing trekking escapade. Considered to be one of the country’s national treasures, this canyon is made mostly of sandstone and was carved by nature centuries ago. Some parts of the gorge have become important Aboriginal sites. Kings Canyon stands over the dense palm filled forests in the country’s region widely known as Red Center. The canyon is part of the Watarrka National Park, particularly on the western end of the George Gill Range.

Kings Canyon - Australia

One fantastic way of experiencing this magnificent canyon is to trek the King Canyons Rim Walk. In terms of distance, this ancient sandstone rim walk is actually not too long for serious hikers, stretching only to 6 kilometers. However, the walk immediately starts with a challenge of climbing 500 steps. But such a challenge is worth taking on as the summit rewards you with awe-inspiring views of Watarrka National Park.

Other things that make this trail amazing are the 100 meter-high natural cliff walks, dome-shaped geological formations and the magnificent landscape you will encounter as you descend into the canyon. One of these natural formations is the permanent waterhole called the Garden of Eden. This natural site is aptly named as it is covered with luscious and gorgeous flora. Another fascinating weathered rock formations you will come across with during the rim walk is called Lost City.

Kings Canyon - Australia

The best time to climb to the top of the Kings Canyon Rim is during sunrise or sunset for obvious reasons. The six-kilometer trek is usually completed by 3 to 4 hours. If you want to learn more about the history of the canyon, sign up for a guided rim walk, spearheaded by an Aboriginal elder, whose ancestors were the traditional inhabitants of the region. The winter period between the months of May and September is considered the best time to visit the canyon and do the Kings Canyon Rim Walk. During this time, the temperature is much cooler, making the hike more comfortable.

Aside from the Kings Canyon Rim Walk, there is also another shorter hiking route called Kings Creek Walk. This 2.6- kilometer walk is perfect for those who are looking a faster and easier hike. The route starts at the base of the canyon and brings you through a platform adorned with eucalyptus and ferns. While here, you only need to look above to marvel at the magnificent canyon walls. In the summer, a third trail called South Wall Return is open to avid hikers and adventurers.

Kings Canyon - Australia

If, for some reason, you cannot hike the renowned Rim Walk, another and equally exciting way to experience this is to book a scenic helicopter flight around the area. The Kings Canyon Resort organizes regular helicopter tours to this region. If after conquering the Kings Canyon Rim Walk, you still hunger for more hiking adventure, you can also take on the 22-kilometer Giles Track, which links Kings Canyon to Kathleen Springs.

There are a couple of accommodation choices that are close to Kings Canyon. One of the more popular ones is the Kings Canyon Resort. The resort has a wide range of rooms for different types of travelers. They have luxurious rooms for those who want elegance and comfort. But the resort also has budget backpacker-friendly lodge rooms as well as camping facilities.

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