Mokapu Beach Park – Maui

One of the perks of visiting the majestic Hawaiian island of Maui is that you are given an abundance of stunning beaches to choose from. And if you are on a prowl for a sandy stretch to conquer, consider including Mokapu Beach Park into your check list.

There are several reasons why you should head out to this marvelous beach park. For one, you will have the opportunity to enjoy not just one but two beaches, which are only divided by a group of rocks that stretches to the ocean.


The first beach is called Ulua and sits on the left side of the park and the rocks. It has garnered the reputation of being a family beach, a spot where you can happily bring your children and the dogs to play the day away. Ulua Beach’s proximity to the shopping center, “The Shops at Wailea,” also adds to its appeal and popularity. The chic complex offers visitors food, drinks and numerous world-class brand shops.

Ulua is also home to the private resort Wailea Elua Village. This impressive complex is equipped with modern condos and nicely-maintained lawns and garden. Aside from all its luxurious facilities, the highlight of staying here is the fantastic views of the ocean. Thus, if you ever decide to stay in this part of the island, Wailea Elua is certainly a viable accommodation option. Ulua Beach keeps its serene atmosphere by preventing motorized vehicles and bicycles on the scenic pathway that lines the beach. You can freely stroll along the delightful pathway, interrupted by only the shimmering blue ocean and the sound of the tides coming in.

The other sandy heaven is also called Mokapu. This beach features four and a half kilometers of beautiful golden sand. Like its neighboring beach, Mokapu is known not only as an excellent swimming spot but also a diving haven where diving schools conduct their dives and classes. The best diving spot is the reef formation on the right side of the beach. At this spot, the ocean floor drops to 20 feet revealing a wealth of sea creatures including the Hawaiian trigger fish.

Some of the most experienced divers go down as deep as 50 feet to visit the Antheus Rock, where other wonderful marine animals can be spotted. If you’re not ready for some serious diving, you can always try out snorkeling. The waters surrounding Mokapu are home to a variety of corals, reef fishes, and sea turtles. If you are lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of manta rays and white tip sharks.


The Ulua Beach/Mokapu Beach Park is equipped with bathrooms, outdoor showers sets, and two free parking lots. However, take note that the parking lots get full rather quickly in the morning. So if you’re driving, make sure to come early to beat the crowd. In terms of accommodation, this is the type of spot where you splurge a little instead of roughing it out. Camping is allowed in the area, but you can treat yourself to a relaxing stay in one of the hotels and resorts in the beach vicinity.

There are no restaurants or food stalls on both beaches. To satisfy your hunger, you can walk towards the main road to reach the Shops at Wailea complex. Another option is to come to the beach with your own food and drinks, and make a grand picnic out of your time here.

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