Puerto Escondido – The Beloved Mexican Port Town

For years, the beautiful Pacific coast of Mexico has been enticing water-sports enthusiasts, beach bums and sun-loving tourists with its sandy shore, shimmering water and wide range of activities. One of the most beloved among these coastal towns is Puerto Escondido, which is situated in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. A huge part of Puerto’s charm and likeability has something to do with its being a fishing port and market town.

Escondido Mexico

Puerto Escondido has something for almost every type of traveler. It has gorgeous beaches, and tons of activities to engage in. Some of the popular activities include sport fishing, diving, snorkeling as well as whale and dolphin-watching. Puerto also offers a vibrant nightlife, made possible by its plethora of restaurants, cafes and bars blasting live music. One of the best spots to party at night is El Adoquin, which is the town’s main pedestrian street. El Adoquin is frequented by revelers who love to hop from one bar or club to the next.

One of the beaches to look forward when visiting this Mexican town, is the Bacocho Beach, which lies on the northwestern end of the town. Bacocho is very relaxed and has a number of hotels to choose from. At the heart of town is another sandy stretch called Playa Principal. This beach is more a favorite among families. If you would like to go fishing or sightseeing, there are boats moored on Playa Principal that are ready to take you.


Zicatela is the cosmopolitan beach, which is arguably, the most popular among all Puerto Escondido’s sandy spots. It lies in the southeastern end of Puerto Escondido. Zicatela is an excellent surfing beach that challenges international surfers to conquer its gigantic waves. And even if you are not a surfer, you can still enjoy strolling along this beach while watching experienced surfers expertly maneuvering their boards through the angry ocean.

If you would like to learn how to surf but are not ready to tackle the humongous waves of Zicatela, you can head out to the smaller beach of La Punta. Here, you will easily find an instructor to guide you through the beginner-friendly waves of La Punta. Other lovely beaches with calm waters include Angelito and Manzanillo.


Those who enjoy the company of nature do not need to go very far. Just a few kilometers outside of town, there mangrove forests and lagoons, waiting to be explored. Some of the wildlife inhabiting these areas include spoonbills, pelicans and hawks. One ecological reserve worth visiting is called Ventilla, and it is just a 15-minute drive away. Puerto Escondido is also rich in culture and tradition. Just around the town are indigenous communities, who have successful kept their traditional way of living. You can easily visit these villages, and sign up for eco-tours.

Aside from being a fishing village, it is also a flourishing coffee bean-shipping port. The history of Puerto Escondidos’ loving relationship with coffee-growing, goes all the way back to the 1870’s, when the first farms were founded. The coffee plantations close to this beach resort town produce some of the best Mexican coffees and are a must try for coffee drinkers. Don’t hesitate to take a little break from the ocean and visit some of these plantations, which are made even more scenic by the surrounding sierra mountains of Oaxaca.

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