Romantic Verona – City of Love

Italy boasts several romantic and historical cities, but one of them made its mark because of a classic Shakespearean play. This city of love is called Verona located in the Veneto region of northeastern Italy. Although it is less popular than its neighbor Venice, Verona exudes a distinct charming and relaxing vibe.

Verona-arenaExploring Verona exposes you to the transition of art and architecture from the medieval and early renaissance to the more contemporary Western European. Verona is indeed a city with a passion for the arts as evident in the number of art museums, castles, old squares, fortifications and centuries old churches it houses. In addition, you will notice a number of well-preserved Roman ruins around Verona, as it was once a prominent Roman city.

To start your love affair with Verona, visit its historical center where you can find some of its most notable attractions like the Piazza dei Signori, Corso Porta Borsari, Teatro Romano, Duomo di Verona, Giardino Giusti, and San Fermo Church. Lose yourself to the city’s exquisite cafes, craft and couture shops, and quaint inns called osterie. All of these things make Verona what it is; elegant and warm, modern and ancient. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the richness of its culture and its love for the arts.

VeronaPerhaps the most famous structure that celebrates this Roman Empire era is the Arena. Dating back more than 800 years old, this enormous amphitheater attracts the most number of tourists. Being here gives you a glimpse of how Roman spectators flock to the area to witness great gladiator fights and performances. Even though a big section of the outer ring was damaged from an earthquake in 1117, the inner section is still very much intact. The Arena is still used to hold impressive opera performances.

Verona is the setting for “Romeo and Juliet”. If you want to relive the love that has moved the world for many centuries, drop by Juliet’s House, Casa di Giulietta. The house is situated in Via Cappello, just off the Piazza delle Erbe. This balcony is supposedly where Romeo proposed his love for Juliet. Just below the balcony is a small courtyard that houses a statue of the tragic, star crossed lover.

The Piazza delle Erbe is considered to be the heart of the city and contains the 14th century Gardello Tower, the Britney Verona fountain and a scenic local market. Another fascinating structure you should visit is the 14th century Castelvecchio. This fortified red brick castle lies on the banks of River Aldige, and is home to the city art museum. While here, you will find a bountiful collection of precious paintings and sculptures from the Medieval and Renaissance periods. Aside from the museum, the old castle ramparts are also worth the exploring.

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