Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

With a lineage from seven different colonizers, it is no wonder St. Croix is rich in language, history, traditions and architecture despite its size and location. On this Caribbean island, you will still feel the old world charm that is rarely existent with other islands in the region. But like the others, St Croix’ pace of life is slower, but with such beauty, why would anyone be in a hurry to go anywhere else?

Saint Croix beach

Located close to the eastern end of the Caribbean group of islands, St. Croix is just 1700 miles south of New York and 1100 miles from Miami. Its idyllic location, gives it consistent sunny weather, and is regularly visited by cool trade winds. The island also receives enough rain to keep tropical flowers blooming year round.

Stretching to almost 23 miles, St. Croix’s size does not prevent it from having varied landscape. The middle part of the island is flat yet fertile. Thus, this has become the ideal area for sugar cane plantations. When you go to western section of the island, you will find Clue Mountain, surrounded by rainforests and filled with gigantic Tibet, saman and mahogany trees. If you head out east, large cactus clusters will greet you on this drier land.

Christiansted is one of the two main towns on Le Croix. Founded during the 18th century, it has been declared a National Historic Site and was also the former Capital of the Danish West Indies. One of the best features of the town is its superb architecture. Adorned with cobblestone streets, 18th century-style buildings and large arched galleries, the town is a fantastic place to explore and experience.

Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

The second largest town on the island is called Frederiksted and is considered one of the most picturesque towns in the Caribbean. With its wide streets, scenic waterfront and long history, Frederiksted is a favorite stop cruise ship itineraries. The town’s lively Strand Street awaits cruise passengers with its many vendors and Mocko Jumbies performers, which are traditional stilt dancers. If you want to visit St. Croix during its most festive time, then come during the Crucian Christmas Festival. This celebration lasts for a month, ending after the Three Kings Day parade, usually the first week of January.

Do not leave Le Croix without spending time on its beaches, which are comparable to other Caribbean islands. The more serene coves are considered to the best. If you like exploring the colorful underwater world, visit Cane Bay, renowned for its world-class diving site. There are also areas where snorkeling is fantastic. At these beaches, the coral reefs are close to shore, so there is no shortage of marine life sightings. Some of the popular beaches to head out to include Jack Bay and Isaac Bay. And after spending time on the island’s gorgeous beaches, you can also try out popular activities such as horseback riding, ATV, off-road jeep tours and kayaking in mangrove forests.


Hiking to Annaly Bay Tide Pools is also a favorite activity among nature lovers. The hike is not particularly difficult, stretching only 2 miles each way. The trail begins at the Renaissance St. Croix Carambola Beach Resort. Make sure to wear proper hiking shoes to tackle the different types of terrain along the way. The trail of course culminates at a naturally-made tide pool. There are times that the sea water crashes over the pool’s rock wall to create an incredible sight that is hard to forget!

Colorful, relaxing, cultural and historical, St. Croix makes for a perfect vacation destination for all travelers.