Scenic Cap d’Antibes – France

The marvelous Peninsula of Cap d’Antibes is one France’s endearing travel destination. Covering 4 miles, this peninsula possesses the lush Mediterranean vegetation and isolated environment that has been attracting aristocrats, artists and literary figures since the 19th century. No wonder that one of Cap d’Antibes’ trademarks today is the group of luxurious estates nestled high up over the water.

Cap d'Antibes France

Cap d’Antibes sits in the famed French Riviera region, and is situated in between Nice and Cannes (Provence, France). On the north-west side of the peninsula, you will find Juan-les-Pins, and to its north-east, the city of the Antibes awaits. Most visitors who want to explore the peninsula usually stay in Juan-les-Pins and Antibes. But Cap d’Antibes has its own fair share of accommodation, including the famous Hotel Eden Roc, the preferred temporary home of movie stars attending the renowned Cannes Film Festival.

If you don’t know anyone living in Cap d’Antibes, chances are you won’t have an opportunity to take a good look at any of the luxurious villas as they all have gated entrances. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy the view of the sea from Cap d’Antibes, which definitely nothing less than magnificent.

Cap d'Antibes France

Some of the best ways to experience the Cap is to walk or cycle. The peninsula is quite popular with hiking enthusiasts from all over. Most cyclists will enjoy taking the coastal road. If you decide to walk, you can follow the path called Le Sentier du Littoral, which stretches out to seven kilometers. Along the way, you will encounter two small yet picturesque ports as well as a series of beaches. Take note that although the path is well-maintained, it is a country trail as opposed to a flat promenade and you will need to use comfortable yet proper hiking shoes.

Cap d’Antibes is a kind of place where you should take your time, and enjoy every detail of the scenery. Spend at least a day to walk around the Cap and swim in some of its lovely sandy stretches. Some of the beaches are private, while others require a fee for entry. If you don’t want to spend money, head out to the public beaches like Plage de la Salis, Plage de la Garoupe and Plage des Ondes. Located at the northern tip of Cap d’Antibes, Plage de las Salis is the closest beach to Antibes; and is therefore, quite popular to tourists. Plage de la Garoupe (La Garoupe beach), on the other hand, is known for its calm and protected waters. The beach impresses with its views of the Mercantour mountain range and the walled city of Antibes.

Cap d'Antibes France

Private beach restaurants manage a section of la Garoupe, where you can rent a lounge chair and have excellent meals while overlooking the sea. After swimming and relaxing La Garoupe, consider strolling the beachside walkway Chemin de Tire-poil, which goes all the way to the edge and one of the most scenic parts of the Cap. You can also drop by the 19th-century Villa Eilenroc. Unfortunately, the villa’s interior is closed to the public, but its beautiful garden is open for viewing every Wednesday afternoon. Plage des Ondes is located on the western side of the peninsula with visitors coming here seeking the tranquility and isolation.