Silversea Cruising – Expedition Greenland

Do you want to explore some of the most remote countries in the world in style and luxury? This is what Silversea Cruises offers its guests – the chance to explore without stress and worry.

Silversea manages five ships that are smaller than the usual cruise ships, and aims to provide a more intimate and luxurious cruise experience. Cruise itineraries cover various regions including South America, the Caribbean, Asia and the Mediterranean. But one Silversea Cruise itinerary will definitely intrigue those who like to venture off the beaten path. This distinct cruise is aptly called Expedition Greenland as it gives you a closer look and valuable insights to the cold and mysterious country of Greenland.

Expedition Greenland Silversea

The Silversea Explorer (ship) takes charge of this cruise trip that typically lasts for 12 days. It stops in many notable places within the country. But before this exciting expedition starts, the Silversea Explorer pick up passengers from the port of Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital. The cruise eventually ends the journey at the town of Kangerlussuaq.

Silversea’s Expedition Greenland offering features stunning fjords, glaciers and marvelous iceberg vistas. It also allows you to learn more about the native Inuit tribe of Greenland as well as the Norse and Viking traditions in the region. In addition, you will get the chance to visit isolated towns, hot springs and ancient sites. And if you are lucky, maybe see magnificent sea creatures like whales up close and personal.

Once the Silversea Explorer departs Reykjavik, it starts crossing the Denmark Strait, which famously links the Atlantic and Arctic oceans. By this time, the staff will get you acquainted with the amenities available on board. Cocktail parties are a staple on this luxury vessel, and your first one onboard is going to be with no less than the Captain and senior officers.

Silversea Expedition Greenland

As promised, the Greenland expedition is all about breathtaking scenery. Some of the first attractions highlighted on the cruise is Greenland’s rugged eastern coast, the Skjoldungen Fjord and the Thyrms Glacier. Then Silversea Explorer continues its journey to Prince Christian Sound, one of the most dramatic natural landmarks in this region. Then, the cruise will settle on Nanortalik, which is the most southerly town in the country. Known as the place of the polar bears, Nanortalik treats its visitors to an interesting Inuit-themed open-air museum, performances at the Cultural Center and amazing mountainside vistas.

Another port town on the cruise itinerary is called Qaqortoq. This is the nation’s largest town situated in its southern region. What makes Qaqortoq compelling is its very picturesque topography, which is composed of magnificent fjords, mountains, lakes, icebergs, the blue sea and the backcountry. These are just some of the reasons this port town is one stop you do not want to miss when exploring Greenland. Qaqortoq’s history and culture is heavily influenced by the Norse and Inuit. The Silversea Explorer usually tenders you ashore directly to the town’s pier.

Silversea Expedition Greenland

The other port towns included on this Silversea cruise itinerary are the charming village of Qassiarsuk, the capital town of Nuuk, and the northernmost town of Greenland named Sisimiut. Aside from visiting the notable attractions in these towns, the cruise management also offers its passengers various organized tours such as private home visits, walking tours and kayaking trips.

The Expedition Greenland cruise from Silversea not only offers you unparalleled luxury travel, it offers the opportunity to explore and experience the wonder of these marvelous ports of call, and you only unpack your luggage once! Bon Voyage.