The Julian Alps of Slovenia

The gorgeous mountain scenery of the Julian Alps is one of the more spectacular landmarks that Slovenia offers the world. The Julian Alps are actually a section of the Great Alps arc, and it stretches to the northwestern region of Slovenia. Comprised of 150 mountains, it is divided into two sections, the Western Julian Alps and the Eastern Julian Alps.

During summer, the Julian Alps beams with its lakes, lush forests and vineyards. The northern part of this mountain range receives a lot of sunshine making it quite bright and cheerful. This portion can be accessed from the town of Bohinj. At the eastern slopes, you will discover the lush Pohorje region and Maribor, its capital.

Within the Julian Alps vicinity are many notable landmarks. The two must-see are the Bled and Bohinj glacier lakes because they are both extraordinarily picturesque. The Bled area does not feature a crystal clear lake, its panorama is completed by the presence of a fairytale-like castle and church. Triglav National Park also lies in the Julian Alps region. It is known for its grassy slopes and, of course, scenic mountainous landscape. Tourists make their way to the national park to see its crowning glory – Mount Triglav, Slovenia’s highest peak.

You can satisfactorily explore the key landmarks in Julian Alps by trekking. Here, numerous mountain paths lead you to Alpine meadows, gorgeous waterfalls, valleys, mountain bends and deep gorges. Some of them stretch to lovely villages, where you will get the opportunity to interact with the locals and learn more about alpine living.


Two of the small yet charming alpine villages you may consider visiting include Mojstrana and Dovje. Both of these communities make an excellent base for further hiking tours. Some of the hiking trails are quite demanding and are reserved for seasoned hikers and trekkers, but there are also paths, where you can walk leisurely even with small children. You can easily consult a local outfitter to arrange for a walking tour that suits you the best.

The valleys of Vrata, Kot and Krma are also quite popular because of their educational trails and their accessibility to Mount Triglav. If you cross the Vrata valley, you will encounter the wonderful Pericnik Waterfall (Slap Pericnik), which features two sections of cascades. If you wish to conquer another peak in the Julian Alps you can head out to Mount Krn, which soars at more than 2000 meters. The panorama from this mountain, as travel guides say, is just simply incredible.

From Mount Krn, you can see the lush green valleys, the Soca River and even the shimmering Adriatic Sea, during clear weather. During summer and spring, the raging rivers of the Julian Alps, like the Soca, become perfect spots for canyoning and white water rafting. You can best enjoy hiking this magnificent Slovenian Alpine range from spring to summer. But take note that the summer months of July and August attract the most number of people.

Wintertime fully transforms some sections in the Julian Alps into richly snow-covered playgrounds to the delight of those who love skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. In fact, this mountain region boasts such excellent conditions that it is the chosen host for the World Cup Championship every year. Some of the most popular ski resorts that get most of the visitors in the area include Kranjska Gora and Bovec.

So, summer and winter the Julian Alps invite you to come explore and experience the magical and incredibly beautiful scenery and playgrounds – the best Slovenia has to offer in mountain locales.

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