The Serene and Beautiful Serra de Tramuntana

Looking for a great mountain retreat? Pack your bags and make your way to Spain’s Serra de Tramuntana, the highest mountain range on Mallorca Island stretching 90 kilometers long from the Formentor Cape to Andrax. Specifically located on the north-western coast of island, this mountain range is not only known for its beauty but also for its unique cultural landscape. Despite having limited resources, the people of the region have successfully established efficient water works to change the terrain into productive agricultural terraces.

Serra-de-TramuntanaThe Tramuntana mountain range is home to several endemic species of flora. It is a great region for bird watching as it is inhabited by birds of prey like the Eleonora´s falcon, osprey and black vultures. Along the mountain range is a ruggedly gorgeous coastline with cliffs and coves waiting to be explored. The area is also visited because of its craggy limestone karsts that fall into the sea adorning the northwest coast of Mallorca.

There are many outdoor activities for you to enjoy during your visit to Serra de Tramuntana. Examples of these activities include trail running, motorcycling and hiking. Fortunately, there are companies that offer various outdoor tours in the mountain region. Bikes can easily be rented, and biking is healthy way of exploring the region and the island. If you are going for grand mountain hikes, start at the pilgrimage site called Lluc. Doing the hikes will lead to certain private ranches, farms and homes, so make sure to ask first before crossing on to private grounds. Another great thing to do while around the Tramuntana mountain range vicinity is to take a scenic drive along the R710. By doing so, you will be rewarded by amazing views of the coast and the mountain scenery.

Serra-de-Tramuntana1The Serra de Tramuntana is populated by different cities and towns. A number of visitors to the region make their first stop at Andratx, and then proceed to Soller, Pollenca and Sa Colabra. Pollenca is home to the wild Cape de Formentor, while Sa Colabra village takes pride at having some of best beaches in the region. The town of Soller is situated on the island’s North West coast and sits in a green valley surrounded by high mountains. The town is not fancy, but it gives you a glimpse of the daily lives of the locals and their agricultural heritage. It has a lovely public square and several old architectural masterpieces. In the town center, you will find a stunning church, which was built by a student of the brilliant Spanish architect Gaudi.

If you want to see something more tourist oriented, you just need to travel four kilometers to reach the popular beach resort area of Port de Soller. There is regular train service to Port de Soller and Palma in Soller town. While waiting for the train at the station, why not drop by the modern art museum which offers free admission. This nice museum showcases the works of notable local artists including Joan Miro. In the western section of the mountain range sits a well-preserved finca (agricultural land) named La Granja. The highlight of a visit to this finca is the artifact collection depicting the typical farm life of the old times.

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