The Serene Island of Formentera, Spain

Formentera may be part of Spain’s Balearic Islands, but its landscape and other natural attributes make you think that you are on a Greek Island. But Formentera is 100% Spanish. It is the southernmost and smallest of all of the four inhabited Balearic Islands off the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

It is also the next door neighbor to the famous party island of Ibiza. Though near to each other, Formentera is very different than Ibiza. Sure, it also possesses miles of white sand beaches but Formentera promotes less partying and more tranquility and solitude. That is why most people who are attracted to this particular island are those who desire relaxation and seclusion from the modern and busy world and frenetic party life.


You go to Formentera first and foremost to enjoy it gorgeous fine white sandy beaches and waters that are as calm as they are clear. Some of the islands most notable beaches include Platja de Ses Illetes, Espalmador, and La Savina. Some of the beaches on the island have gentle slopes and long shallow water, making them perfect for swimming even for little kids. If you want to see a real gem of a beach, make your way to Cala Saona, a tiny but absolutely beautiful cove that is less than 150 meters long. The seclusion offered by Formentera’s beaches is also the reason most of them are designated naturist beaches. So if you have not shed all your clothing on a beach before, a sandy stretch of Formentera is a perfect place to do it for the first time!


The stretch of water between Formentera and Ibiza is actually part of the Salinas National Park which is also hailed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area is populated with seaweed fields, also known as prairies of Posidonia. Such underwater plants are important members of the ecosystem, due to their ability to filter population and sediment. Thus, it is not surprising that the water around the island is crystal clear and beautiful. Marine life is also abundant in the region, making activities likes diving, fishing and snorkeling quite memorable and incredible. One of the most popular snorkeling spots in Formentera is the often deserted Playa Migjorn.

Diving enthusiasts will really enjoy the island’s underwater caves and cliffs, as well as the 45-meter visibility of the water. If you love seeing birds in the wild, proceed to Formentera’s Es Freus-Ses Salines Nature Reserve, which lies on the northern section of the island. Here, you will have marsh-filled shoreline that provides protection to over 200 bird species like flamingoes and herons. Another prominent landmark on the island is the La Mola Lighthouse, which is nestled on cliff on the easternmost tip. Reaching the lighthouse is an adventure in itself because you will need to climb several switchbacks while vehicles continue to run around the cliff below.


Formentera is too small to maintain an airport. The most common way to reach the island is to take one of the ferry services that leave from Ibiza harbor. The journey only takes about half an hour, thus, making Formentera an easy daytrip destination for tourists staying in Ibiza. You don’t need a big diesel-powered vehicle to roam around Formentera. All you really need is a bicycle to explore the wonderful routes on the island. Eco-friendly electric vehicles are also available here.

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