The Spanish Coastal Village of Nerja and its Attractions

Tranquil and beautiful are just some of the normal descriptions that the Spanish village of Nerja often gets from visitors. Situated in the famous Costa del Sol Andalucia region of Spain, Nerja may be the most prominent village in this coastal region but its low-key vibe, makes it an excellent alternative for those who would like to experience a more authentic Spanish village.


Nerja started out mainly as a fishing village but in recent years, it underwent some development to cater to the growing number of tourists coming into town. Nerja boasts some most marvelous views in Costa del Sol. If you would like to explore the compelling vistas, proceed to the terrace appropriately called Balcon de Europe (The Balcony of Europe). The balcony promises picturesque panoramas of the different beaches lining the Nerja’ coast.

And speaking of beaches – a visit to Nerja is never complete without spending ample time on its gorgeous sandy stretches. If you have the time, why not explore not only one, but several of the standouts like Carabeo, Calahonda and Chorrillo. These small coves are all close to the town center and are adorned with dramatic cliffs and rock formations. They can be easily reached by following clearly-designated footpaths. Aside from swimming in their crystal clear and calm waters, you can also try snorkeling and scuba diving.


La Caletilla is the closest beach to the center of town and is just west of Balcon de Europe. It is mostly admired for its rocky outcrops and shimmering blue waters. Chairs, umbrellas and parking are just some of the amenities available on La Caletilla. This is also a great place to grab your favorite drink and snacks as it has some nice cafes. But Nerja’s longest beach distinction goes to El Playazo, which stretches to an impressive 1.8 kilometers. This Blue Flag designated beach is also equipped with beachside restaurants, tapas (snacks) kiosks, showers and lounge chairs.

On top of sandy stretches, Nerja offers other interesting attractions. One of which is the Cueva de Nerja. This is a series of caverns, which covers a total distance of five kilometers! Just three kilometers from the town center, Cueva de Nerja is truly a masterpiece of Mother Nature. The caves are home to important archaeological items like paintings and pre-historic remains, some of which are more than 20,000 years. One of the chambers is shaped like a natural theater with excellent acoustics. This is why, it is often used as a venue for concerts.


If you are drawn to the history and culture of the village, then make a visit to Nerja’s precious monuments and landmarks. One structure that should not be missed is the Church of El Salvador, which was built in the 17th century, and exudes that exquisite Baroque and Moorish architecture.

Nerja is situated about 53 kilometers from the city of Malaga, which is the village’s main access point. Most travelers who want to reach Nerja fly to the international airport in Malaga, and then take a minibus or taxi to the coastal village. The travel time by car from Malaga airport is around 1-1.5 hours.

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