The Spectacular Resort Town of Saint Jean at St. Barts

Over 20 stunning white sandy beaches are within your grasp once you decide to travel to St. Bart’s, considered to be the most luxurious island in all of the Caribbean. A vacation on the island is all about pampering yourself to four or five star accommodation and dining experiences. Gustavia is the small capital of St. Bart’s (St. Barthelemy), which has a collection of hotels and resorts, and is near some nice beaches. But if you are looking for one of the best sandy stretches on the island, then make your way to the resort town of Saint-Jean.

Saint-JeanSituated on the northern part of the island, Saint Jean may not be the most centrally located district on St. Bart’s but it certainly is one of the most popular and the largest. It is also in Saint-Jean where you can find the island’s large and modern sport complex, comprised of a stadium, tennis and beach volleyball courts, playground, archery range, swimming pool and a skate park.

The neighborhood’s precious beach is called Baie de Saint Jean and lies at the end of the Gustav III Airport runway. It is actually one beach divided into two sections by the Eden Rock promontory. Saint Jean Beach is small but it has calm water that is perfect for swimming. Access to this beach may be through different spots, which include Tom Beach Hotel, Nikki Beach, and Eden Rock Hotel.

If you have extra time after enjoying the beach, make shopping your next big activity. After all, Saint Jean boasts the second biggest shopping area on the island. Some of the most prominent shopping establishments include Les Manglier, Les Galeries du Commerce, La Savane, Centre Valval and La Crèole. Cabane, which is the main street parallel to the beach, is also lined up with small shops

Saint Jean is known for its spacious cottages, exclusive villas and world class hotels. Most of them are strategically located on hills adorned with beautiful vegetation and flowers. But the most popular lodging establishment of them all is the Eden Rock, which is the first hotel on the island built during the 1950’s. But even after several decades, Eden Rock has not lost its glitz and glamour. The hotel is on a perfect location- nestled on a promontory that offers dramatic view of Saint Jean’s bay. Eden Rock is not only known as a hotel, it also has a top class restaurant called ‘On the Rocks’ and a hip and cool bar called ‘Sand Bar’.

Saint-Jean1Other glamorous accommodation options include Villa Nina and Rockstar. Both resorts offer large private villages located way back from the beach, and set the bar for luxury vacation by offering amenities like vehicles, a large kitchen and personal butler services.

The best time to visit Saint Jean and St. Bart’s, in general, is in June when the sun is not too scorching. But if you don’t mind the heat, then the island is a viable destination from December through April. By September to November, the raining season takes place. Peak season is usually in December. So if you plan to visit during this time, book well in advance, approximately six months ahead of your scheduled visit.

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