The University City of Frankfurt Oder

Frankfurt-OderFrankfurt Oder is a lovely German city in the state of Brandenburg that is widely known as the gateway to Eastern Europe. Just less than an hour for the capital Berlin, Frankfurt Oder is in fact, is only a bridge cross away from the Polish city of Slubice. The bridge called B5 is not only for cars, it is also pedestrian friendly. Because of this unique location, the city enjoys a fusion of two major cultures.

Frankfurt is named after the Oder River, which stands in between it and Slubice. Both cities boast great histories and exploring them is quite fascinating and at the same time convenient. There are no border controls on the bridge crossing, thus visiting Frankfurt Oder can easily lead to visiting two countries within a short period of time. Despite being close neighbors, the two cities are quite distinct from each other. Slubice is more a traditional and laid-back town, while Frankfurt Oder is well known as a university town. As a result, the city gives off a more young and energetic vibe.

Frankfurt Oder’s rich history is evident in the number of old yet stylish buildings populating the city. Some of the most popular landmarks in the city include Kloster Chorin and the Klosterkirche monastery church. One of the notable universities in Frankfurt is Viadrina. Despite being a young university, Viadrina enjoys a distinguished international standing. Out of its 5,000 students, about 30% are from overseas.

University-of-FrankfurtAside from the vibrant atmosphere prevailing in Frankfurt, the city is also blessed with a green surrounding and natural attractions. One of them is the absolutely beautiful РSch̦ne (lake) Helene Рadorned by pine forests. Helene has a couple of nice beaches and wonderful diving spots. It has also become a favorite site for camping and holiday residences. If you want to see more flora and fauna, you can also head out either to the Wildpark in Frankfurt-Rosengarten, or the Nature Reserve (Rezerwat przyrody). The nature reserve can be reached by walking five minutes north of the bridge. While here, you can enjoy a relaxing hike through the thick forests.

Art enthusiast or not, you will easily appreciate Frankfurt’s thriving art scene. The city is a regular host to musical, art and theater activities, and is home to more than 200 sculptures and public murals. One of the best venues to check out is the Kleist Forum, which stages a range of exhibits, operas, concerts, reading, and theater performances every year.

Dominating the city skyline is the Oderturm tower, which stands 89 meters. If you want to have a memorable dining experience while enjoying amazing views of the city, then make sure to book a reservation at the tower’s restaurant.

Frankfurt Oder has enough accommodation infrastructure and attractions to persuade visitors to stay in the city for a couple of days. But if you have time constraints, it is possible to go for quick day trip to Frankfurt Oder from Berlin, where an international airport is located. The good news is there are Regional Express Trains that run between Berlin and Frankfurt Oder. This train service runs every hour. Thus, the visit to Frankfurt, whether short or long, is most likely hassle-free in terms of transport.

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