The Wonderful Red Beach of China

Do you want to visit an amazing place? Come to the Red Beach (Chinese name: Hong Hai Tian Feng Jing Qu) in the Liaohe River Delta, China. The name of the beach speaks to itself, but it is not sand that exudes the bright red color. It is actually the bright red sea weed Sueda or Seepweed that is responsible for the beach’s name.

Red-BeachThis particular type of sea weed thrives in saline-alkali soil but it remains green all through summer. During this time, the Red Beach seemed to be like any other beach with its clear beautiful water. The magic happens during autumn, when the weeds turn into this delicious red hue that creates a magnificent sight and a very rare landscape. That is why travel experts suggest that the best time to admire the Red Beach is during the month of September. Because of its beauty, the Red Beach has been made into a protected nature reserve. Only a certain portion of it is open to the public, but a visit to see this amazing spectacle is still worth it.

Red Beach lies on the bank of the Liaohe River, almost close to its mouth. It is considered to be the biggest wetland and reed marsh on earth. As a result, the area is home to an extensive ecosystem that hosts almost 700 species of birds and wild animals. Some scientists have claimed that the abundance of wildlife greatly contributes to the red seaweed phenomenon in the area. There are over 200 species of birds frequenting the beach area. Most of them migrate to and from Australia and Asia. Thus, one of the most favored activities for tourists visiting the site is bird watching. You will not see just any other bird in Red Beach. In fact, at least 30 species of birds here are highly protected. The beach also earned the description of being home of the cranes as this is where the endangered Black Beaked Gulls and Crown Cranes tend to live.

At Red Beach, you will find a dock and a reception center with modern facilities like a restaurant, hotel, and multi-functional hall. At the dock, there is a particular wooden bridge that goes out into the ocean and provides panoramic views of this natural red carpet. The bridge is named Nine-Zigzag Bridge and has 500 wooden poles that allow it to stretch toward the water.

Aside from enjoying the views the bridge has to offer, you also have the option of take a boat or yacht tour that goes around the lake and gets you front seat view of the Red Beach. If you are a photographer, this is definitely a grand opportunity. But even if you are not, the worst thing you can do is not bring a trusty old camera to capture this wonderful travel moment.

Since Panjin is the closest major city to the Red Beach, you can connect here from other parts of China. The city is equipped with bus stations that facilitate routes to and from other major Chinese cities and regions. There are also seven daily trains that stop at Panjin coming from the capital Beijing. From Panjing, you can opt to take a bus or taxi to Red Beach, which is about 30 kilometers from the city and situated right off the main highway.

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