What Angels Saw at Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe

David Livingstone wasn’t just being romantic when he said that Victoria Falls is a place that will beguile even angels. In 1855, when he first came upon the area, it was a beautiful and untamed example of Mother Nature’s beauty. ‘Angels in their flight must have gazed’ were the words Livingstone used to describe the place – and he couldn’t be more right.

The falls were named after the queen of England at that time. However, the locals still call it Mosi-oa-Tunya, which in the Kololo language, means ‘the smoke that thunders’. The loud, exhilarating sound of the water crashing down has sustained and provided the locals with life-giving food and water.


With the recent unrest in the area, Zimbabwe struggles to maintain itself upright and it is fair to say that tourism keeps it alive. However, travelers should not expect a swanky hotel or a jumping nightlife to welcome and entertain them in Victoria. The place is strictly for the adventure seeking, exotic hungry and off-of-the-tourist-trail traveler. There are, however, a good handful of hotels and bars that cater to budget and well-to-do travelers alike.

Unlike most one trick pony destinations, there are other things you can do while visiting Victoria Falls after you have seen, photographed and enjoyed the falls themselves. Right on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, Victoria Falls is a great bungee jumping spot. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most-jumped spots in the world. The bungee places mostly opened during the 90s when the jump-off-a-precipice fever practically engulfed the province. With water roaring down below, jumpers can take any spot they want on the 1.7km cliff. They are presented with a 111m dive that goes into a deep curtain of water. Make the most of the experience and go in November because the river rapids of Zambezi peak during this month.


Book any of the tours offered and explore the dunes, deltas and falls of the region. A few tours pass through the marvelous Fish River Canyon and Victoria Falls. See how perfectly the entire system of land and water coexist to provide a lush environment for its inhabitants. Other tours pair the thundering beauty of Victoria Falls with the exotic scents of Zanzibar. Get yourself out there, enjoy camping out and fill up on the rich sensory experience that are unlike anywhere else around the world.

Food in Zimbabwe is honest, straightforward, and like other African countries, relies on a staple food components. ‘Mealie meal’ or cornmeal is typical in these parts. It is cooked with water to make bota or sadza, the two most common cornmeal preparations in the region. Bota is usually eaten for breakfast while sadza is usually served at lunch or dinner, with a variety of vegetables. It is a bland background to an intense mélange of flavors that usually come from peanut butter, milk, butter and jam. Meats are for lunch or dinner and are usually stewed, grilled, roasted or dried for longer storage. Curdled or sour milk is also very common and tea drinking plays a big part of Zimbabwe’s culinary vocabulary.

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