Beach Skydiving at Wollongong, Australia

If you are skydiving from an altitude of up to 15,000 feet, what better place to land on than a beautiful Australian beach? Skydiving at Wollongong Sydney promises nothing short of spectacular. There are a couple of prominent skydiving operators offering this experience in Sydney. And most of them have the North Wollongong Beach as one of their drop off zones. This is the only beach skydive spot offered in Sydney.

Skydiving over Sydney is an extremely thrilling experience. Picture freefalling at more than 200 kilometers per hour in a dive that will last for about 65 seconds. Then you get to float in the air with a parachute, for 5 to 7 minutes. This will give enough time to admire the amazing views of Wollongong, the beaches of Southern Sydney, and other coastal attractions like the Royal National Park and Illawarra.

Wollongong skydiving


If you are concerned about not having enough skill or courage to skydive on your own – don’t worry! Operators usually offer tandem skydiving. This means that you will be securely attached to a highly experienced instructor during the whole experience. The skydiving adventure begins with giving you a safety briefing and a short training. Then you will get on a plane and go for one of the most scenic rides of your life. Because you are several thousands of feet in the air, you will have the privilege of seeing New South Wale’s most gorgeous beaches. And when you reach the right spot, your instructor will prepare you to make that ultimate jump.

After jumping, you be guided through the whole process making the experience less stressful and nerve-wrecking. You do not even need to worry about when to pull the chute as your instructor will do that for you. You just need to enjoy the breathtaking views. And if you get up the courage to, you may also steer the parachute at some point.

North Beach Wollongong is conveniently located just an hour south of the Sydney Central Business District. But the good news is bus transfers to and from the diving locations are usually offered by companies for free. Aside from the free return transfer option, you can also reach the beach on your own by taking the Cityrail train service. Make your way to the Sydney Central Station, and then get on the rail line that goes to the North Wollongong Station. From here, you can arrange for the skydive company to pick you up.

As a skydiving landing site, North Beach is very ideal. This is the central and most prominent sandy stretch in Wollongong. Adorned with Norfolk Island Pines and palm trees, and home to some heritage listed structures, it can also be argued that it is the area’s most beautiful beach. North Beach is equipped with an excellent tourist infrastructure including barbecue facilities, parks, spaces for sports, and weather shelters. In addition, the beach area has a wide range of restaurants, shops, hotels, bars and parks.

Just after skydiving, compliment your most memorable trip by putting your surfing skills to the test. North Beach is known for its great surf breaks, but it is also has spots perfect for swimming. You can visit the interesting fish market or stroll along the foreshore all the way to the harbor.

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