Pan-Fried Teriyaki Cod Fish

Being a fan of Cod Fish, I try to cook the gourmet fish in different styles. Smooth and flaky white flesh is what makes Cod Fish so irresistible even for someone like me who does not enjoy eating fish.

Pan-Fried Teriyaki Cod Fish
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Pan-Fried Teriyaki Cod Fish
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  1. Clean and marinate fish with seasonings for about an hour in the fridge, then turn over and do the same.
  2. Dice vegetables and 1 lemon slice.
  3. Heat pan pour in teriyaki sauce mixture. Add vegetables and cook till soft. Stir in cornstarch and dish out salad on serving plate.
  4. Pat dry fish and coat with corn flour. Heat oil and pan fry cod fish till slightly char. Do the same for the other side and the skin.
  5. Drain and place fish on plate with vegetables. Drizzle excess salad sauce onto fish and top with a slice of lemon for that additional zest! Your Yummy Japanese Style Pan-Fried Teriyaki Cod Fish is ready for the table!
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