Luxury Traveling in the Grenadines

The paradise islands of the Grenadines lie in the southern region of the Eastern Caribbean Sea. The Grenadines are comprised of about 32 series of unspoiled islands, south of the St. Vincent Island.

Out of the 32, only 8 islands have human population. You can still visit the other inhabited islands as they have nice hiking trails, bird sanctuaries and snorkeling spots. The islands of Bequia, Mustique, Union and Canouan are equipped with their own small domestic airports that receive flights mainly from St. Vincent Island. The islands are characterized by their volcanic terrain, and deep inlets. Beautiful white coral sand beaches are the specialty of the Grenadines. Visiting here means leaving all your worries of the urban world behind, and not having to look at the clocks as the warm breeze caresses your face.
Bequia Island is about an hour boat ride from St. Vincent. It is the biggest island of all Grenadine Islands chain. As with other islands in this region, the best way to explore Bequia is by sailing or cruising on local boats. Many travelers from Europe and Oceania are attracted to the picturesque coast of the island. Admiralty Bay, which has a very colorful 17th century pirate history, is now a popular mooring place for around 100 sailing boats and yachts.

The 7-mile long island is known for its clear blue romantic skies and tranquil atmosphere. Here, you can laze on a deserted white sandy beach with no one to come between you and the gorgeous scenery. You can also go explore the serene lagoons on the island and interact with fishermen and yachtsmen in bars and clubs. As expected the special cuisine you can savor on the island primarily consists of fresh seafood and tropical fruits.

Mustique is a smaller Grenadine Island about a one and a half hour boat ride away from St. Vincent. The island has been the secret getaway of famous celebrities like David Bowie, Tommy Hilfiger and Mick Jagger. You can say that it is the island of the rich and and famous. Mustique boasts of fantastic views of exquisite terrain. You can rent sophisticated villas on this island, which were carefully constructed and designed to provide a casual and comfortable space for their inhabitants. The queen of the private villas is called Mimosa, which has four bedrooms and an infinity pool. Renting this villa also includes being served by your own private chef and having a utility vehicle to allow you to explore the island.

Petit St. Vincent and Mayreau are both privately owned islands. Petit St. Vincent has been a private island resort for 44 years, and features newer facilities such as thatched-roof cottages along the beach, a waterside restaurant and tree house spa. Mayreau Island is perhaps the least developed but is as equally beautifully as the other islands and it is expected to experience more development in the years to come .

Union Island is the southernmost island characterized by mountain peaks and ridges including Mount Parnassus. If you head out to Palm Island, you will have the opportunity to enjoy what many consider as the finest beaches in all of the Grenadines – stunning Casvarina Beach.

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