Strasbourg – The European Gem


It may sound like a German name and it may have a German neighbor, but Strasbourg belongs to France and is in fact the capital city of its Alsace region. Aside from being the home to significant European institutions like the European Court of Human Rights, and the European Parliament; ...

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Getting on Top of the London Eye


There are only a handful of impressive Ferris Wheels in the world and one of them can be found in London. The aptly named London Eye gets the accolade of the biggest Ferris wheel in Europe. It was built to celebrate the dawn of the new millennium, making it almost ...

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Cap Juluca Resort – Anguilla


Dreaming of that perfect luxury Caribbean getaway? Cap Juluca may give what you need. Just a short distance away from St. Marteen, this upscale resort lies on the crescent of the Maundays Bay on the island of Anguilla. Cap Juluca is one of those places that will wrap its arms ...

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What Angels Saw at Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe


David Livingstone wasn’t just being romantic when he said that Victoria Falls is a place that will beguile even angels. In 1855, when he first came upon the area, it was a beautiful and untamed example of Mother Nature’s beauty. ‘Angels in their flight must have gazed’ were the words ...

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Flaming Gorge


Are you ready to face nature at Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area? A reservoir divided between the U.S states of Utah and Wyoming, Flaming Gorge covers a land and water area of about 207,363 acres. Contrary to what the name suggest, the reservoir area has no dangerous balls of fires ...

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The Ancient Mayan Site of Uxmal


Uxmal is one of the most important and popular Mayan towns in the Yucatan. Founded in 700 A.D., the town used to be home to 25,000 Mayans. Even though the original inhabitants are long gone, what remains for the younger generation to marvel at, are the ancient buildings, which were ...

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