Splendor of Kaikoura


Situated on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island, the small coastal town of Kaikoura is not just a rest stop along State Highway, it has proven to be a great travel destination. Between huge mountains and the Pacific Ocean, the narrow coastal plain of Kaikoura exudes the charm ...

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Cycling the Munda Biddi Trail


If you are seeking an incredible cycling adventure, consider putting Australia’s Munda Biddi Trail on your travel itinerary. Munda Biddi is a Noongar Aboriginal name that means “path through the forest”.

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Antwerp, Belgium


Second only to Brussels in size, the city of Antwerp is where the cool, the fashionable and funky convene. In many ways, this city gives you a different and contemporary look at Belgium that is unique.

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Koh Lipe Island, Thailand


Although less known than the other islands in the south of Thailand, Koh Lipe (Ko Lipe) makes a good alternative destination if you want to avoid the crowd constantly drawn to popular places like Phuket, Koh Phi Phi and Krabi. Low key Koh Lipe belongs to the Butang Island group, ...

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Historical Gdansk


As one of oldest cities in Poland, Gdansk wows tourists with its mountain scenery, picturesque harbor, as well as its bountiful cultural and architectural monuments.

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Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay


Colonia del Sacramento is one of the oldest cities in Uruguay. Visiting this marvelous town, situated at the mouth of Rio del Plata, is like walking into a different era that time has frozen charmingly in Colonia del Sacramento. It was not the Spanish but the Portuguese that founded this ...

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