Exploring the Districts of Lausanne

Lausanne lies on the northernmost portion of Lake Geneva, and is the capital of Vaud, which is a Swiss Canton. When you talk about Lausanne, a couple of things come to mind. Perhaps, the city is most known for being home to the International Olympic Committee but it also houses the country’s two major universities.   Skiing enthusiasts use the city as a gateway to the Canton of the Valais, which houses world renowned ski slopes.
The Nightlife District

Lausanne offers travelers a vibrant nightlife and a high appreciation for the arts. These qualities are attributed to the fact the Lausanne accommodates a very large student population. The Flon District is one of the best known nightclub districts. This is the perfect place to party and experience a distinguished lively and youthful atmosphere.

Lausanne also has a number of fascinating museums, including the Olympic Museum. This grand museum showcases displays about the Olympics history, dating back the ancient Greek times, and video presentations of the previous sport events of both the winter and summer games. Just beside the Olympic Museum, is the impressive Musée de l’Elysée, whose exhibitions highlight the history and success of photography and photojournalism.

The Old City

When visiting the old town of Lausanne, you will find the neighborhood of Cite to be one of the most interesting. Aside from housing numerous museums like the Museum de design and d’arts appliques contemporains or MUDAC, this hill is also famous for attractions like the Beaulieu Castle and the Notre Dame Cathedral. Both attractions are considered to be prime Swiss heritage sites, and are blessed with picturesque surroundings. While in the area, take the opportunity to explore the outdoor markets of Ville Marche, at the heart of Lausanne.   Some of the popular ones are Place Chauderon (flea market) Place de la Rippone (Christmas market) and Place de la Plaud (craft market)

The Port

If you want to see another side of Lausanne, head out to the popular village of Ouchy. A former fishing community, Ouchy offers some of the most incredible views of the Alps and Lake Geneva. This port is a popular destination for both locals and tourists during summer, and is teeming with lakeside resorts, hotels, cafes and restaurants.

Although part of Lausanne, Ouchy acts more like an independent commune that provides a more soothing atmosphere. It is the most ideal place to enjoy a relaxing day, walking around appreciating the views and fresh air. During your walking tour of this port, you should also visit the old medieval castle, which boasts neo-gothic architecture and is now transformed into a luxurious hotel. Finally, a visit to this fishing port is not enough without experiencing rollerskating or skateboarding during the winter, as these two are the main activities in the area.

Getting around Lausanne is very easy as public transportation is accessible, fast, and clean. The bus is the main mode of transport for visitors, and bus stops can be found everywhere. If you are looking for an exercise during your travel, then biking is a great alternative for transport. Bicycle rental stands are located in key areas within in the city center, including one just outside Lausanne Flon Metro Station. It is also very convenient to walk around Lausanne, as several attractions are in close walking distance.

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