La Vella Andorra

Located in the East Pyrenees, La Vella is the capital city of Andorra. As such it is an important trading center in the region. Set idyllically within a mountain range, La Vella flourishes primarily because of its tourism industry. However, its attractions are not at all limited to nature trips and leisure activities. It also brands itself as a focal point of cultural encounters beginning with the pre-historic times to the medieval and culminating with the contemporary. It exposes visitors to architectural edifices, music, theater and other forms of fine art. Adventure and sports activities also await all who are willing to conquer the snow, the trails, the rock walls, and the tracks.

Grandvalira Ski Resort

Grandvalira Ski Resort is a premier destination. It has plenty in store for any curious visitor. Besides the well-equipped ski areas which differ depending on the level of skills and difficulty, there are also four snow parks for snowboarding and a plethora of activities for everyone.

For those who love to see the expanse of the resort from up the sky, the resort provides a 20 minute helicopter ride. Other exciting activities include snowshoeing, snowmobiling, igloo building, and mushing or walking with sleds pulled by dogs in the snowy forest. If you are looking for some action and an adrenaline rush, try paintballing in the snow, paragliding and even bungee jumping. You can also have fun and sharpen your targeting skills by trying archery. Plus there is a go karting track to challenge your driving prowess.

Tired from your day of intense activity? There are restaurants, cafes and bars you can eat and sip from while enjoying the incredible view of the beautiful pristine snow. The place comes alive in the evening when the music plays and the party starts. At Grandvalira Ski Resort, the possibilities are endless.

Andorra High Altitude Diving

Diving Andorra attracts its visitors with various diving experiences such as ice diving, high altitude diving and sea diving. The dive sites are also classified based on the level of the diver. The sites are mostly frozen lakes, which include La Canaleta, Tristaina, El Forn, and Cabana Sorda, which are all found in the La Vella region. You can walk to some of the dive sites, while there are others that require you to go by helicopter to access them.

Fortunately, the ride alone is a treat in itself and the experience of going up the mountain and being under the frozen lake is insane. Imagine being up to 25 meters deep in the lake with incredible ice and other nature formations, and when the sun hits the lake, the underwater surrounding illuminates with colors. This truly is an incomparably extreme experience. Forget about freezing. It won’t happen. With the insulating gear they have you wear, you will be diving without getting wet. It is something Diving Andorra guarantees.

Sola d’Enclar

There are quite a number of climbing areas found in Andorra but Sola d’Enclar is your best bet for the most number of climbing courses. The area is located some 1,100 meters above sea level. Here, you can experience climbing on granite rocks with bolts and anchors. Whether you’re a climbing enthusiast or a beginner, you will be happy with the seven long routes and climbing sectors, which include Cementiri, Bigabloc, Esfinx and Santa Coloma.

All in all La Vella in Andorra provides you with a very exciting and different outdoor vacation with no lack of challenging and memorable activities. It belongs on your bucket list!

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