Discover the Waters of Koror, Palau

Palau is an island nation within Micronesia on the Pacific Ocean’s western end,and Koror makes up one of the four most populated islands out of the 250 that comprise the entire country.

This tropical island nation, as would be expected of any Micronesian territory, abounds in bodies of water ideal for swimming, snorkeling, diving, kayaking and other such activities. There are number of the fun tours and activities that you can do on Koror Island. The bodies of water within and just off the island are sites that are most visited.
Koror, Palau
Jellyfish Lake

Currently the only marine lake open to the public, the Jellyfish Lake is probably the most popular snorkeling area in the entire island country. Technically the lake is off of Koror Island. To get to this lake of over 10 million golden jellyfish, Koror is the jump off point. You should not let this peculiarly interesting experience pass you by. Once in Palau, snorkel with the jellyfish. They still have the ability to sting you. However, their stingers have deteriorated due to the absence of predators to be deflected and the abundance of algae. Even if they still sting, they are too tiny for our skin to feel.

Mandarin Fish Lake

Located in Risong Bay on the southern part of Koror, this beautiful lake, or more accurately, a lagoon, is a stunning snorkeling as well as diving area. Home to the extremely colorful and extremely shy Mandarin fish, the lake is just a top notch underwater landscape (even if you don’t get the chance to see the Mandarin fish!). Mandarin Lake is also a favored place for kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts. The blue green water is so inviting, and the calmness of the water and the serenity of surroundings are just so relaxing.

Milky Way

Usually a part of your itinerary when you book a day tour in Koror, the craze in Milky Way is the white mud bath. The turquoise blue water that carpets the green islets that seem to mushroom in this lagoon is simply a stunning sight. For those who fancy body salts and all that makes skin look younger, this stop is a great joy and quite out of the ordinary. It may be a little smudgy but it sure is a soothing white limestone mud bath. Overall, it offers both relaxation and a little goofiness, which can only equal to  great and unforgettable enjoyment.

Ngardmau Waterfalls

What better way to cap off your Koror water discovery holiday than to visit Micronesia’s largest waterfall. It can be reached by driving, hiking or zip lining. For those who prefer the hike, that tiring on foot travel is well worth it. The waterfall is stunning and along the way, you are constantly experiencing little surprises as there are natural pools and smaller waterfalls here and there.

Once you reach the waterfall, watch for the beautiful rainbow that is formed from the mist of the falls. Stand under the water that falls from as high as a hundred feet. The cool, refreshing spray is just so great you will thank heaven you came here.

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