Serene San Marino, Italy

Located on the eastern side of the Apennine Mountains of the Italian Peninsula, San Marino is a territory surrounded by Italy. It is the world’s oldest sovereign state and constitutional monarchy established in September 3, 301. Also known as The Most Serene Republic of San Marino, it is a small country with a small population but with a very rich and imposing heritage.

Its architectural landscape is a mix of Medieval, Roman and modern genially mesh together. Greatly influenced by Italy especially the food aspect, San Marino, holds itself up with its vast historical and cultural landmarks and eccentricities.

San Marino has numerous sights waiting for you, but it is generally believed that a holiday to this serene place is wanting if these are not visited.

Three Fortresses

These are arguably San Marino’s most popular sights. The three fortresses can be found on the highest spot of Mount Titano. These ancient structures are Guiata (an 11th century tower), Montale (built in the 14th century) and Cesta (a 13th century tower). These three appear in the country’s national flag.

Guiata, the first tower is the largest among the three. Once inside, you will be immediately captivated by a beautiful garden with several colorful flowers in full bloom. You may also check the rooms which were used as prison until 1970.

Cesta, which sits on the highest peak, houses the Museum of Ancient weapons. The museum holds an astonishing exhibit from the middle ages up to the 19th century. The exhibit features various armors and weapons ranging from spears, lances, side arms, firearms, among others amounting to over 700 collections. Because it is at the highest point, you will be treated to a fantastic view of the sea, the city and the plains.

Montale, the third tower, is a fortress not open to the public unlike the first two towers. Despite this, Montale has an irresistible charm that visitors are attracted to which is why it still constantly visited. Like the first two towers, you can feast your eyes over the incredible panoramic view it offers.

Malatesta Castle

The 15th century Malatesta Castle is situated in Seravalle, a Middle age village with modern malls where people usually go to shop. The Castle is host to exciting exhibitions and prestigious cultural events. It has not retained its original grand structure and luxurious interior, which was a signature of the Aristocratic Malatesta Family. However, a reminder of the grand state of this place is depicted on the bronze medallion and the fresco inside the Chapel of Relics of the Malatesta temple.

Government Palace

The Government Palace is also known as Palazzo Publico and is a thickset, neo-gothic palace where official ceremonies of the state are conducted. It is also the seat of San Marino’s main institutional and administrative bodies. One thing you do not want to miss (especially with your camera) is the changing of the guard between 8:30 am and 6:30 pm. If you walk further from the Palace, you will find the State Museum, which houses collections of archeological articles and works of art.

San Marino is rich in museums like the Museum of Curious Objects, Wax Museum, and Museum of the Emigrant. There are also a good number of basilicas around, so stop by some if you can because they are surely worth the time.

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